SARKAR 3 Amitabh Returns As The Godfather With A New Caste

SARKAR 3 Amitabh Returns As The Godfather And Is Angrier Than Ever.

There is a growing hype behind Ram Gopal Verma’s upcoming project SARKAR 3, starring Amitabh Bachchan once again as Sarkar Subhash Nagre. It will be the third part in the Sarkar Trilogy, and most probably the first time ever that Amitabh has participated in. There will be a completely new cast which includes Yami Gautam, Manoj Bajpaye, Jackie Shroff, Ronit Roy, Amit Sadh, Rohini Hatangadi and Bharat Dabholkar. In the first and second part Director Ram Gopal Verma successfully brought Abhishek and Ashwarya Rai Bachchan together with Amitabh, thus completing a family trio in two movies. In the third, and possibly the last part, only Amitabh will reprise his role. SARKAR 3 Amitabh Returns As The Godfather 

Sarkar‘s first part although is an inspiration from Francis Ford Copolla’s Godfather (1972), and is also based on Balasaheb Thakrey, but it is not a unique idea. It is almost a carbon copy of Coppola’s Godfather and follows the same plot with the exception that the script has been changed in accordance to the movie going audience of India. As the first part starts in Godfather, where a man is asking for Vito Corleone’s help concerning her daughter’s rape, Sarkar starts in the similar way and goes on to show how the loyal thugs hired by Subhash Nagre go and beat up that guy. The role of Abhishek Bachchan as Shankar Nagre is similar to Al Pacino’s as Michael Corleone, who is at first kept away from the family’s political and clan problems only to be pulled in when the Godfather has an assassination attempt on his life. The role of Shankar Nagre’s brother is quite different than that of Michael Corleone’s. Michael’s brother is murdered by the opposing clans, but Shankar Nagre himself murders his brother Vishnu Nagre as he plots to kill his own father by teaming up with his enemies. In the end, unlike Godfather in which Vito Corleone dies, Sarkar brings up Shankar Nagre as the next man in power, while Subhash Nagre does not die but lives on in retirement.

Sarkar Raj, the second film in the trilogy also has some similarities with Godfather 2 in which Michael Corleone is in the middle of a very important business dealing which could bring him in to equal power along with the others in Las Vegas. In Sarkar Raj, an international company presents a proposal to Subhash Nagre of building a power plant which could benefit him financially. Shankar Nagre after consulting with his father takes on the responsibility of bringing this proposal to life and with his father goes to ask help from a very dear associate and friend Rao Saab. Similarly, Michael also goes to a very close friend of his father’s to ask for help in completing his business dealings which could bring more power into his family. Michael confronts his greatest shock when he finds out that the man from whom he’s gone to ask help is the one who is in secret trying to prevent him from fulfilling his goal, and that his own brother Fredo Corleone is involved with him. Shankar does not get to find out who is the actual perpetrator acting as the biggest obstacle, as he is killed, but his father Subhash does. He finds out that not only is his dear friend Rao Saab is trying to prevent the power plant from being built but also the he is the main power behind his son’s death. He also finds out that one of his most loyal men joined his enemies as he is jealous that another one of Subhash’s men is slowly taking over his place. Thus, after his son’s death, Subhash Nagre once again takes over his responsibility as Sarkar.

Sarkar 3, as it has been titled might also have some similarities with Coppola’s Godfather, but we have to yet wait and see. As far as the trailer shows, it seems like Subhash Nagre’s grandson, the son of Vishnu Nagre is being taught the ropes of being a Sarkar. As both of Subhash Nagre’s sons are now dead, he has the sole power. What tempts us to watch this movie is when Subhash says that it has been thirty five years since he killed someone, while clips are shown of him trying to dodge another assassination attempt on his life. This movie would be full of twists and plot changes, but by taking a look at the last two parts, it seems that this one might also nick some plots from Coppola’s Godfather.

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SARKAR 3 Amitabh Returns As The Godfather. SARKAR 3 Amitabh Returns As The Godfather

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