How Will London’s Skyline Change

How Will London’s Skyline Change

The Changing face of London’s Skyline

Sweeping views of fantastic urban skylines can turn a typical office building into a hot property. Many people select their office space based on how impressive the views are from the building’s windows. However there may be a flaw in this plan, and that’s because skylines frequently change significantly over time as new buildings are constructed. London’s skyline is absolutely no exception to this issue. Buildings in the London area are being built quickly and changing the city’s skyline rapidly. Here are some of the changes that you can expect to see in the skyline over the next year and beyond. How Will London’s Skyline Change

Say Goodbye to the Prominent Gherkin

Used to seeing the distinct 30 St Mary Axe building, more affectionately known to locals as the Gherkin, glistening in the London skyline? Well, apparently it is set to be overshadowed by some pretty large buildings competing for skyline in the near future. This could potentially interrupt a lot more than just the skyline, since people have paid close to £300 in years past for a ticket to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks from the towering Gherkin. Early plans show multiple buildings that are poised to block the views of the building, making it tough to even find among the hordes of other buildings vying to be noticed in the famous city. Londonist notes that 22 Bishopsgate is poised to be one of the biggest obstructions to views of the Gherkin due to its height and positioning among a group of buildings that will create a semi-circle around the 30 St Mary Axe building. These changes could make it impossible to see the Gherkin from many vantage points, and will likely obstruct the once impressive views from inside of the building.

The Towers Are About to Get Taller

Think the London buildings are already tall? Well, builders in the area are set to make their upcoming projects reach new heights. There are a lot of large skyscrapers planned to be built over the next few years, and they will drastically change the view of London that we are all so used to seeing. Perhaps most notably is the planned Baltimore Tower that is scheduled to be completed sometime this year. This tower is so notable due to its planned twisting façade that will surely make a huge impact on the skyline once it is finished. According to Magnate, the building is planned to be inhabited by more than 300 flats that will start at the studio size and go up to a larger 4-bedroom space. These flats are bound to boast incredible views of the city as the building should tower above many of the nearby structures.

Apparently these changes are being carefully considered before the buildings are approved and construction begins. There are a lot of groups that want to build in the area, but they need to go through an approvals process before they are allowed to proceed. Reports from dezeen state that while the demand for buildings is high due to a large population growth in the city that shows no signs of halting, the mayor is keeping a watchful eye on the building plans to ensure they keep the city looking incredible and do not destroy the beauty of the city’s skyline. Urban planning and innovative architectural practices promise to make these changes more exciting as time progresses. There is a lot of global competition to build bigger and more stunning structures to attract people to cities like London. This means that the best and the brightest architects and builders are likely considering the future of the skyline right now, and will bring even more impressive and exciting changes over the coming years.


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How Will London’s Skyline Change. How Will London’s Skyline Change. How Will London’s Skyline Change.

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