Our Top Tips For Growing your Blog and Presence

Our Top Tips For Growing your Blog and Presence

If you are already writing for your own personal theatre or actor blog, write for theatre business blogs or you are in the process of starting one, here are a few essential tips that will assist you in increasing your audience as well as your online-presence. Our Top Tips For Growing your Blog and Presence
The inspirational quote “do more of what makes you happy” is relevant when it comes to blogging. If you have decided that a blog about popular sports cars will be successful, but in fact you know nothing about sports cars, writing about this subject will be time consuming and more difficult for you and the readers will most likely pick up on this. For this reason choose subjects that you are passionate about. In most cases you will find there is already an audience who is interested in the same topics that you already love.

Make sure you aim to become a “regular” as the blog begins to develop, you will most likely notice that there will be readers who are returning for the latest updates. If you only post on occasion and go weeks or months without updating the blog or adding to it, these readers will probably not visit the site again and you will soon find that your traffic to the site decreases. In addition, search engines also easily notice that your updates are sparse and this will also decrease your rankings.

Become involved and more social. This means creating accounts on the social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram which you can utilize to advertise and promote your latest posts. Whatever subject or topic you have chosen to blog about, you will likely find there is communities of bloggers who are similar which host monthly or weekly hash tagged chats. Additionally, you should buy some followers for your account, so real people see it as popular, feel their missing out and wish to join.

Don’t, forget your Meta tags which is a small amount of text which is featured under a site on the search engines that tells the searcher what is in the site that they are going to visit.

Title posts, you may have read in a number of SEO based articles and posts that titles play an important role. However, this opinion is divided in association to blogging. This is because certain individuals enjoy using interesting and strange titles but this will not tell Google or the readers what the post is really about on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Google analytics is another platform that can be installed onto the blog which assists you in locating useful information that may include:

•The posts that are receiving the most amount of traffic

•The bounce rate which is associated with the amount of time that visitors spend on the page

•The traffic source which is associated where the users are clicking in order to find the blog

•The search keywords are what users have types into Google in order to locate the blog. You may be surprised at a few of the strange results.

Our Top Tips For Growing your Blog and PresenceOur . Top Tips For Growing your Blog and Presence. Our Top Tips For Growing your Blog and Presence

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