This year once again brings you to the 6 best festivals in Portugal and Spain 2016.

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festa major de gracia

Festa Major de Gracia. BOOK HERE.

 Festa Major de Gracia

August 15th – 21st

Gracia, Barcelona

Barcelona’s biggest, most colorful and popular neighborhood festival where you can enjoy free concerts, workshops, sport activities and much more.

feria de malaga

Feria de Malaga. BOOK HERE

Feria de Malaga

August 13th – 20th


Embrace the Andalusian traditions and join the party in Malaga.  Flamenco and sherry are at the heart of this street celebration.

festa major de sitges

Festa Major de Sitges. BOOK HERE

Festa Major de Sitges

August 21st – 27th


Enjoy spectacular fireworks on the beach, folkloristic dances and human towers. You’ll also get a chance to see devils and giants walking on the streets

semane grande

SemanA Grande. BOOK HERE

Semana Grande

August 13th – 20th


Live music, exhilarating street parties and extravagant fireworks are at the heart of this great festival.

La Tomatina

La Tomatina. BOOK HERE

La Tomatina

August 31st

Bunol, Valencia

Pack your goggles and be ready to get messy!  This August, join the World’s Biggest Tomato Fight.

ibiza closing parties

Ibiza Closing Parties. BOOK HERE

Ibiza Closing Parties

September 4th – October 31


This is a call to all party animals out there.  Don’t miss the craziest parties of the year, book your stay now!

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