Hum Aapas Mein: A Pakistani Web-series

Press Release:

Written and Directed by: Sabeeh Ahmad

Produced by: Fahim Shad

Production Companies: Mehrdar Art and Production and Khayaal Studios

Episodes: 8

Total Runtime: 80 minutes

Hum Aapas Mein tells the interconnected stories of five families that live in an apartment building named Ronaq Manzil.

Although they occupy the same space, they are antagonistic, or at best, indifferent to each other. Acting only upon their own self-interests, they do not realize that their problems are shared.

Written and directed by Sabeeh Ahmad, this 8-episode webseries is a timely parable about social cohesion and acceptance, with Ronaq Manzil being a stand-in for the city of lights, Karachi, and its inhabitants being Karachi’s diverse populace.

Each story shows how we are conditioned to discriminate each other on the basis of religion, ethnicity, or culture.

Throughout October, Hum Aapas Mein was screened to underprivileged communities at 13 different venues in Karachi, including in Baldia Town, Lyari, Ibrahim Hyderi, Sachal Goth and Mauripur. Now, after the screenings, the episodes are being released on Facebook and YouTube.

Three episodes have been released on Khayaal Studios’ YouTube page, with five more to go!

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Episode 1:

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