Ishq Zahe Naseeb: If You’re Not Watching It, You Gotta Watch It!

I have one word for Ishq Zahe Naseeb: Remarkable!

If you’re looking for an epic well-written, garam-chai-on-a-cold-day romance where the lovers overcome all hurdles to be together and everyone else in their lives comes around to be happy for them as you cry rivers of joy – this ain’t it. 

Ishq – romance – is certainly a plot point in Ishq Zahe Naseeb, but it isn’t the theme.

The show is much darker, exploiting the many ugly facets of love and its psychology seeping right into betrayal and criminality as it bares itself, punches you in the gut and asks, ‘Do you have a heart? Did it bleed?’

I won’t expose many details about IZN because I’m specifically writing this piece for ignorant pricks like me who’ve missed all its 19 episodes till now. Y’all have a lot of catching up to do and I want IZN to catch you by surprise just as it did me. 

Be warned, it is not a play you can watch randomly. No, you need to make a commitment to honor it and this is what you do before sitting down to your next episode.

Finish all your chores, banish your children and all noisy things from the TV area, grab a box of tissues, a tub of emotional support foods and prepare to immerse yourself in this engaging saga. 

Everyone acting in IZN is deserving of a medal.

If you weren’t already convinced that Zahid Ahmed is one of the best things to happen to Pakistani Drama scene in recent times, you will be now.

His character Samir doesn’t have a huge amount of screen time and yet, he’s totally dominating the show. When Samir is off screen, he haunts you.

You pine for him. You want to be with him and know how he is and when the moment arrives, when he is there in front of you, you want to run and hide and scream because his reality is so unbearably raw, it bites.

You feel his torment, his betrayal, his mania and his guilt. And you live it with him, like an unforgettable obsession.

However, Samir is just one of the characters and as is with any well-made project, it takes an entire team to make it brilliant.

Gauhar (Sonya Hussain) and Kashif (Sami Khan) are the two star-crossed lovers who choose to separate, honoring their families’ wishes not because there is a gun-toting dad or an emotionally blackmailing mom or a toxic sibling at the helm driving their choices but exactly the lack of it.

Gauhar’s big sister will selflessly forsake her own happiness just to give Gauhar a chance at love. Whereas Kashif’s family trusts him against all odds.

Yes, there is a healthy dose of toxic characters, but they are as believably gray and true as life itself. It’s inspiring to see how our lovelorn couple tackles every caustic situation.

Gauhar isn’t a doormat nor is Kashif a wasted soul. They’re selfless but not without self-respect. They’re both fighters, standing their ground and taking life by the horns while looking to heal others because they understand pain. It’s simply refreshing to watch them conquer their own hardships.

Zarnish Khan absolutely shines as Donya. And of course, it’ll be a crime to not mention Yumna Zaidi as Shakra. I’ve been her fan since forever, but damn girl, if the universe lost all its words, you’d still be talking with your facial expressions!

Last but not the least, it’s that completely will-give-you-an-ear-bug melodious OST. It will make you cry, and give you goosebumps, and make you smile at the oddest of moments. And before you realize, you will catch yourself humming it…

mein tabah hua,

fana hua,

mera roum jal ke suwaa hua…

tarap meri kuch aur shadeed…

tera ishq hai hmm-hmm-hmmm…

Use your TV time for something meaningful and thank the entire team of Ishq Zahe Naseeb for bringing this gem of a project to your television set.

Now, go watch!

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