Christmas Markets Of London – All You Need To Know

Christmas Markets Of London – All You Need To Know

The Christmas season is near, and so are the Christmas Markets about to open up in London. Buying gifts for your loved ones, or just taking a stroll through the markets is a very peaceful experience. The lights along with the people all brighten up with love and laughter. Here is a list of Christmas Markets that are worth attending during Christmas. To take a look at the complete list of Christmas Markets around the UK, please click here:

1 Southbank Christmas Market

This Christmas market runs from 9th November to 27th December 2018. The area along the River Thames completely changes and pop up shops emerge at different places which include food, clothes, fashion and souvenirs. Different events also take place to entertain the public which includes puppetry, christmas shows, live music and much more. It’s a market for all ages to enjoy and experience.

2 Leicester Square Christmas Market

This Christmas market runs from 9th November to 6th January. The park in the middle of the Leicester Square will completely change into a market with stalls of all kinds. As a popular tourist spot, there will be traditional food and drink stalls. There would also be Santa giving away Christmas presents to children. Adults will be able to enjoy a burlesque carol concert and a drag show. This will be a perfect opportunity to visit with your friends, family and colleagues.

3 London Christmas Market Winterville

This Christmas market runs from 15th November to 23rd December. Situated in Clapham Common, London, this market is quite unique from other markets. It will provide adult as well as family friendly entertainment. There will be a theatre, some workshops for children to take part in, a cinema and fairground rides.

4 Winter Wonderland London, Hyde Park

Running from 22nd November to 6th January, this Christmas market is not only a market, but a place for great entertainment for adults and children alike. It is a free event and is an extravaganza for all ages. The main attraction is the ice rink which is the UK’s largest. Another attraction is the carousel which gives a very beautiful view of the London skyline. Food and drinks will be in plenty of supply. It’s a must visit with your loved ones and should not be missed.

5 Christmas by the River London

Running from 29th November to 2nd January, this Christmas Market is a free for all one. It is situated between the iconic London Bridge and Tower Bridge, and is easy to access. The food that should not be missed here is the German bratwurst with sauce and a glass of mulled wine. There will be hand made decorations to look at and purchase. Next to the River Thames, it is a popular tourist spot frequented by people of all ages and ethnicity. Therefore, when you are out during Christmas time, take a walk through here and enjoy the festive season.

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