Interview with Designer Joan Dominique

How did your brand come about? Tell us your story.

My childhood dream was to become a fashion designer–Donna Karan was my childhood inspiration (we also share the same birthday). I followed her footsteps by attending Parsons the New School for Design in New York City. Throughout my university career, I was working in the industry in footwear. After graduation, I took the leap of faith and launched my brand in 2018. Shoes have always been my passion. Throughout time, my weight has fluctuated so my clothes never stayed with me for grand periods of time but my favourite designer shoes always did. Shoes have a very special place in my heart. Since the launch of my company, Joan Dominique, we have accomplished many feats and, thankfully, we have many more exciting projects in store.

What struggles and obstacles have you faced to be where you are today?

I face obstacles all the time. However, that is the beauty of being an entrepreneur, you constantly strive for solutions. The nature of the job always keeps you out of your comfort zone and that’s the fun part of it.

What have you achieved so far as a designer? (Awards, shows etc)

We have presented at Autumn Winter 2019 Paris Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studios. We have collaborated with world-renowned, Watson’s Hat Shop. Joan Dominique New York has appeared in Harper’s Baazar, FWO, cover of UPTOWN Magazine, cover of Images Magazine, and many other publications that can be found here.

How hard or how easy is it to achieve success for women in the fashion industry?

It’s incredibly competitive, therefore, it’s very hard. But, anything hard has the biggest payoff, it’s worth taking the difficult route.

How would you describe feminism?

Striving for equality- fiscally and socially.

Do you think it’s important for women to empower each other to be successful?

Absolutely, but I believe it’s more important for entrepreneurs to empower one another regardless of her or his gender.

What is your fitness regime?

It’s a unique combination of Yoga, boxing, and weight lifting.

Any beauty secrets you would like to share with us?

Exfoliation is the grandest secret of them all. My favorite product is the ExoliKate by Kate Somerville.

How do you think social media has helped your brand?

It has helped tremendously because it is essentially an easily-accessible online portfolio of your work. It allows others to view, access, contact, interact, comment, share, save, or buy all in one place at any of time of day at the simple press of a button. Most of our independent sales are online and social media has allowed us to attract new buyers constantly.

What message would you like to give people who wish to become future designers?

I would like to say, find your niche. Which part of the industry do you want to start? It can be textile development, draping, sewing, fabric sourcing, selling, illustrating, embellishment experimentation, etc. Or do you want the ultimate route of starting your own independent design label? If so, recognize the task at hand and look at the whole picture of what a company is, no just the design aspect. In the beginning, it will be all you i.e. business, design, sales, marketing, production, photography and PR all in one person. It’s not impossible but know which direction you are heading.

Joan Dominique is a designer at Joan Dominique New York and can be followed on Instagram.

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