Another Master piece by the famous Shaw Brothers shown at the BFI: British Film Institute in the section of “Swordsmen, Gangsters and Ghosts” this entire month of July as part of “A Century of Chinese Cinema”, showcasing the contribution to the World Cinema from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Chia-Hui Liu

Chia-Hui Liu

A film filled with sword fights mixed with Kung Fu is a definite treat for action film lovers. Artfully choreographed sword fights and Kung Fu show a glimps of ancient China. Usually the Sword Fights and Kung Fu fights in those times used to show a step by step action in which the actors after every move would have a short pause, but in this film there is a fluidity in every motion. The director Chia-Liang Liu it seems has very carefully taken into consideration the reality of the art of fight on screen. Cinematography, which is done by Yeh-tai Huang and Arthur Wong, i noticed is one of the best i have seen from that era. Each shot is well composed, keeping the audience in tune with the characters and the beautiful locations in the film. Even the well-choreographed fight scenes are masterfully shot. The Musical score by Yung-Yu Chen in the fighting scenes, makes it look like a dance performance, making it look more entertaining and exhilarating.


San Te (Chia-hui Liu), a student being taught by an under cover rebel teacher finds himself rebelling against the Manchu government, which is successfully overturned by General Tien Ta (Lieh Lo). He escapes to a Shaolin Temple to learn the art of Kung Fu in order to take his revenge, but the process of learning the art of fighting he soon finds out is a lot difficult than he had thought of.


This film is Produced by Run Run Shaw, one of the three famous Shaw Brothers. It is considered to be one of the best Kung Fu films from the early years of Chinese cinema, when action movies were made in a large number. At the Box Office in Hong Kong, it was in the list of the Top 10 Box Office Hits list in 1978. It also won the Best Martial Arts Film in the 24th Asian Film Festival.

Director: Chia-Liang Liu

Producer:   Run Run ShawMona FongChia-Hsi Huang

Writer: Kuang Ni

Cinematographer: Yeh-tai HuangArthur Wong

Starring: Chia-Hui LiuLieh LoYue Wong

Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure

Country: Hong Kong

Lanuage: Mandarin

Release Date:  February 2, 1978

Run Time: 119 Min

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