6th Terracotta Far East Film Festival 2014


Atlast, the 6th Terracotta Far East Film Festival 2014 is here. This is the month when all the excitement will come to London, from the Far East End of the world. A full package of Action, Romance, Thriller and Horror will be at our doorsteps.

The Festival will take place at two venues, the first will be at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, where there will be a ‘Spotlight on Philippines’ and the second will be at ‘The Prince Charles Cinema’ in the heart of China Town in Leicester Square, London.

The first film, which will open the ‘Spotlight on Philippins’ section in the Terracotta Far East Film Festival, will be Director Erik Matti’s Crime Thriller: ‘On The Job’, on the 23rd of May. Director Erik Matti would also be present at the screening of the film and will take part in the Q&A session in the end.

Next will be Director Siege Ledesma’s Drama ‘Shift’, which will be shown on 24th of May. Director Siege Ledesma would be present at the screening of the film and will also take part in the Q&A session in the end. This film will be followed by Director Nathan Adolfson’s Crime Drama ‘A Thief, A Kid and A Killer’.

On the 25th, Director Veronica Velasco’s Dark Comedy ‘Tuhog’, and Director Roya Martin’s Experimental film ‘How To Disappear Completely’, will be shown.

On the 27th of May, the ‘Spotlight on Philippines’ section will come to its conclusion and Director Andrew Leavold’s Documentary The Search for Weng Weng’ will be screened, which will also include a Q&A session in the end with the Director.

Next, the Terracotta Far East film Festival 2014 will move to the heart of China Town in Leicester Square at the Prince Charles Cinema, where a collection of Far Eastern films would be shown in five days.

May 28th, Director Dante Lam’s Chinese Action Drama film, ‘Unbeatable’ will be screened, starring Nick Cheung.

May 29th, Director Prachya Pinkaew’s Thai Action film ‘Warrior King 2’ will be screened, starring a man who is a mixture of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, the famous Tony Jaa.

May 30th will bring four films on the screen, starting with Director Byamba Sakhya’s Mongolian, German Drama ‘Remote Control’

followed by Director Aozaru Shiao and Director Toyoharu Kitamura’s Taiwanese Romantic Comedy ‘Forever Love’

and ending with the last two films of the day with Director Hitoshi One’s Japanese Satirical film ‘Be My Baby’followed by Director Kim Ki-Duk’s South Korean Drama ‘Moebius’.

May 31st will also come with four more films starting with Director Jackie Chan’s Chinese, Hong Kong Action adventure ‘Chinese Zodiac’, starring Jackie Chan in the leading role.

Following film will be Director Park Hong-soo’s South Korean Action Drama ‘Commitment’.

The last two films of the day will be Director Clarence Fok Yiu Leung’s Chinese, Hong Kong Action film ‘Special ID, starring Donnie Yen,

followed by Director Yoshihiro Nakamura’s Japanese Thriller ‘Snow White Murder Case’

The Terror Cotta Horror All Nighter will commence at the start of the night of May 31st until the morning of 1st June. The films shown will be ‘Lessons of Evil’, ‘In The Dark’, ‘Killers’ and ‘Tik Tik: The Aswang Chronicles.’

1st June will the concluding day of the Terracotta Far East Film Festival 2014. This day only three films will be shown. First will be Director Han Jae-rim’s South Korean Period Drama ‘Face Reader’.

Second will be Director Alan Yuen’s Hong Kong Action Thriller ‘Firestorm’

and the last one will be Director Akira Nagai’s Japanese Comedy film ‘Judge’ which will be followed by a Q&A session with the director.

These dates will be the most amazing in London. For the Far East Film fans, this festival is the best and a must attend. See you all soon.

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