DC SUPERHEROES Take Over London At The O2 Exhibition Centre

DC SUPERHEROES Take Over London At The O2 Exhibition Centre, Showcasing The First Ever Comic Strips Including The Costumes Worn By Actors Who Played Superman, Batman, Joker, Penguin And Wonder Woman Through Out History.

The famous events venue in London, The O2, which holds concerts, stand-up comedies and sports events has opened up its doors to characters which are a household names from the DC Universe. Although, there have been a lot of DC Superheroes through out the DC Comics history, but this exhibition mainly focuses on Superman, Batman, Joker and Wonder Woman. DC SUPERHEROES Take Over London At The O2 Exhibition Centre

DC stands for Detective Comics, which first premiered in March 1937. Superman was introduced in 1938 in the Issue #1 of Action Comics and Batman in the Issue #27 in 1939. Both characters helped immensely in the success and fame of the DC Comics. The Joker was introduced as the archenemy of Batman in 1940, while Wonder Woman made her debut in 1941, who also founded the Justice League. DC SUPERHEROES Take Over London At The O2 Exhibition Centre

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DC SUPERHEROES Take Over London At The O2

The exhibition starts with Superman, with its initial comic strips framed on the walls with a large screen showing its first ever animated cartoons. Three suits are on display, one worn by Clark Kent as the journalist, and the other two by Clark Kent as Superman. All three of the suits were actually worn by actor Christopher Reeves, whose portrayal of the character from 1978 to 1987, is considered to be the best of all times. The Superman costumes worn by Henry Cavill in the films Man of Steel (2013) and Batman Vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice (2016) including Justice League (2017) are also on display.

DC SUPERHEROES Take Over London At The O2

The next section was entirely devoted to Batman, and his archenemies Catwoman, The Joker and Penguin. The Batman costumes on display were all worn by different actors which include: Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck. A life size statue of The Joker, portrayed by Jack Nicholson is also on display, including Penguin, portrayed by Danny DeVito, and Catwoman, played by Michelle Pfeiffer. A model of Batmobile from the Batman Trilogy starring Christian Bale is the centre of attention, while the actual life sized Batpod stands at a distance, which was ridden by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight (2008). Bane’s costume worn by Tom Hardy is a marvel to look at, and the Iron Man styled iron suit worn by Ben Affleck in Batman Vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice (2016) is also a treat for the eyes.

DC SUPERHEROES Take Over London At The O2

An entire room was devoted to the character of Wonder Woman with only two costumes on display. The first one was worn by Lynda Carter in the TV Series which ran from 1975 to 1979, and the second one by Gal Gadot in Batman Vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice (2016),  Wonder Woman (2017) and Justice League (2017).

DC SUPERHEROES Take Over London At The O2

Numerous other DC Comics characters including Green Lantern, The Flash and Suicide Squad are also on display. There is a whole gallery dedicated to only the comic strips and graphic novels consisting of nearly all the DC Superheroes and Enemies created. It is a very eye opening exhibition, as all the costumes and props are originals, worn and used by actual actors in their respected characters and films. It’s just that no one can touch them because there is a glass casing around them.

DC Exhibition: Dawn of Super Heroes opens at the O2, London, 23 February and runs until 9th September 2018. For more information and tickets please visit www.DCExhibition.co.uk
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  • Sí estoy bastante de acuerdo, salvo en lo de que todos conocemos los orígenes, Flash no es un personaje tan ultra conocido como Superman (todos el mundo sabe de la descripción de Krypton) o Batman y Spiderman (todo el mundo sabe de los asesinatos que los marcaron), así que trabajarse un poco el trasfondo me parecería correctísimo. El único interés que le veo a hacer un Flashpoint en toda regla es hacer un soft-reboot de algunas cuestiones polémicas o peliagudas (El Joker de Ayer/Leto, la muerte de Superman, el casting de Batman) pero si esas cuestiones se pueden abordar sin necesidad de soft reboot, pues adelante.

  • net #4 Supergirl (2015 -) Supergirl series is the female version of Superman series based on the American comic book series, the DC Comics. The original Supergirl  Kara Zor-El is Superman’s cousin. She has the superpowers as that of Superman. freelance copywriter

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