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Production                 Moonlight Films and Showbox / Mediaplex

Director                      YOON Jong-bin

Cast                            HA Jung-woo, GANG Dong-won, LEE Sung-min,

                                    CHO Jin-woong, LEE Kyung-young, MA Dong-seok,

YOON Ji-hye, JUNG Man-sik, KIM Sung-kyun

Genre                         Epic Period Action

International Sales    Showbox / Mediaplex, Inc.

Principal Shoot         April 27, 2013 – November 1, 2013

Local release date     July 23, 2014

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PREFACE: Director’s Statement

I wanted to make a film in which your heart reacts first. Rather than reason or logic, I wanted a film with a strong heartbeat before anything else. This was the beginning of <Kundo: Age of the Rampant>. Before I became a director, I’d watch movies in theaters and felt my heart racing. Whether action, western, martial arts… The movies that my heart reacted to the most were action films. From <The Unforgiven> to <Nameless Gangster>, I was drawn to a particular period in our society and stories and characters that came with it. I wanted to take a different approach this time, and tackle Robin Hood-like righteous outlaws of Joseon period. In the past, Joseon period films depicted political power struggle in the palace between kings, heirs and eunuchs, but what about from general populace’s point of view? This question sparked my interest and I was drawn to stories of a band of outlaws called Kundo, which existed until Japanese colonization period. I focused on creating characters that cannot exist on their own but work as a group. I hope that audience finds this film and experience catharsis as they watch these outlaws go after corrupt officials.


YOON Jong-bin




Save the people!

In 1862, the people of Joseon Dynasty were suffering from famine and plague as well as unrelenting exploitation by corrupt officials, and noblemen alike. Their only saving grace was a band of thieves that prey on the riches. They are collectively known as ‘Kundo’.

Bald brute Dochi vs. Public enemy Jo Yoon

Thanks to his exploitative schemes, bastard child of a noble Jo Yoon amasses s fortune. He bribes public officials, and takes advantage of the poor for the sake of his father’s approval. Among those exploited by Jo Yoon is a poor and ignorant butcher Dolmuchi, who slaughters cattle for Jo Yoon’s family. Dolmuchi is hired to kill a young woman, and fails to do so, which results in his family’s demise. Unable to continue living with the guilt, Dolmuchi joins Kundo and reborn as a warrior, he is given a new name – Dochi.

United, we are people, divided, we are thieves!

Desiring to right the wrong inflicted by men like Jo Yoon, Kundo vows to use their swords for the populace. It is now time for Dochi to properly face Jo Yoon and seek his revenge.



Epic action film set in Joseon Dynasty!

Cathartic experience that aims for your heart!


<Kundo: Age of the Rampant> is an action blockbuster first, rather than an period film. On one hand, there is a band of outlaws calling themselves Kundo and on the other hand there are corrupt public officials and noblemen. Unlike traditional Korean period films that dealt with games of throne of the past, <Kundo: Age of the Rampant> attempts to do something radically different by focusing on the people. A film that aims for your heart rather than your brain. At the core of this story are two men: HA Jung-woo’s Dolmuchi trains himself for the sole purpose of obtaining his revenge, and GANG Dong-won’s Jo Yoon is a fiercely determined young noble, who will stop at nothing to win the approval of his father. Rather than dual-wielding guns, Dolmuchi’s 2 butcher knives are his weapons of choice, and with a long sword instead of a rifle, Jo Yoon faces his enemies who stand in his way. It feels like a western set in Joseon era with roots in Asian martial arts action. As the two genres collide, audiences will feel the stakes and motives of both characters and understand why they must fight and why they must win. More than anything, your heart will beat faster than your brain can process.





The battle between an actor who moves his audience and an actor who drives anticipation!

Duel of two opposing extremes for the first time on the silver screen!


HA Jung-woo’s shaved head was at the start of <Kundo: Age of the Rampant>. 10 years ago, director YOON watched closely as cleanly shaved HA played in a college theater production. As he came up with an idea for an epic period action film, he thought of HA’s shaved head, and that was the starting point where he began to unravel a complicated story problem he had been dealing with. What troubles did this bald butcher go through? How did he join the outlaws? His story was also a general populace’s story, and as a close confidant of the director (the actor-director duo worked on 3 of director’s previous efforts, including <The Unforgiven>, <The Moonlight of Seoul> and <Nameless Gangster>), HA readily accepted director YOON’s casting call. Without HA, there wouldn’t be <Kundo: Age of the Rampant>. Standing opposite HA’s Dolmuchi, is his nemesis and antithesis Jo Yoon, a corrupt and vile human being, unlike any villains who came before him. For this role, GANG Dong-won was a perfect fit, with his cold yet sad eyes. Because it was a villain role, it wasn’t an easy decision for GANG. But he was convinced that Jo wasn’t a villain in a traditional sense, and had many redeeming attributes that GANG knew he could pull off and mold him into a realistic, 3 dimensional character that audiences could root for at times. A hero is only as good as his true nemesis, and Jo Yoon elevates not only himself, but Dolmuchi by his actions and intentions.





HA Jung-woo, GANG Dong-won, LEE Sung-min, CHO Jin-woong, MA Dong-seok and LEE Kyung-young!

A diverse ensemble cast of multi-faceted talents and expertise!


<Kundo: Age of the Rampant> is already making a name for itself with its spectacular list of actors and actresses involved in the project. In addition to headliners HA Jung-woo and GANG Dong-won, the film is held together by exemplary supporting cast members. When discussing casting methods that were used to put together this cast, director YOON said, “first and foremost, Kundo’s leader Dae-ho had to be charismatic but his strength came not from physical power, but from his interpersonal, humane characteristic. Actor LEE Sung-min’s facial features possess warmth which could embrace the entire cast.” As a figure who oversees and takes care of the entire group, the vicious monk had to express his years of experience and wisdom just with his façade. For that reason, veteran actor LEE Kyung-young was the perfect choice. “As a natural conversationalist, actor CHO Jin-woong was the only choice for the group’s spy, who must win his enemies’ trust by his tongue alone”. MA Dong-seok, “who is actually the strongest actor in Korea,” joined the cast as Chun-bo, a mucle-head with a simple sense of humor. All these support actors, in addition to half dozen other actors who make up Kundo, contribute heavily to <Kundo: Age of the Rampant>’s tone and manner.




At the tender age of 25, director YOON Jong-bin made his directorial debut with <The Unforgiven> and tackled the subject surrounding the mandatory military service, which is something that all Korean men can associate with but rarely portrayed in films to this degree. Having completed the film as a graduate project in school with almost non-existent budget, the film was invited to Busan Film Festival that year with much acclaim and was invited to Cannes. His second feature film <The Moonlight of Seoul> felt as though reality of Seoul night life was put straight onto the screen, as if the subject matter was never a creation of a writer’s mind, continuing his insistence on being true to life. With his third feature <Nameless Gangster> YOON is sure to step up his game and gallantly show an era which created an illusion that anything and everything could happen. Shifting his focus to a period action drama, <Kundo: Age of the Rampant> will surely become a turning point in his spectacular career.


2012 Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time

– Busan Critics Awards (Best Picture), Blue Dragon Awards (Best Screenplay)

– Sitges International Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival, Fantasia Film Festival, New York Asian Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival, Wisconsin International Film Festival, Australia Korean Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, New York Asian Film Festival, etc.

2008 The Moonlight of Seoul

– Deauville Asian Film Festival, Panorama section

2005 The Unforgiven

– Cannes Festival, Un Certain Regard

– Durban International Film Festival, New Director Award

– Busan International Film Festival, Film Critics Award, PSB Audience Award, New Currents Special Award

– Chicago Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival, Roma Asian Film Festival, Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, Mar del Plata Film Festival, among others.

Character and Cast

Dual-butcher knife wielder | Dochi

“I’ll do it, give me a week and I’ll return with his head!”

Considered the lowest of the lower class, Dolmuchi is a petty butcher whose sole purpose in life is to slaughter cattle. With a massive frame and destructive power to boot, he has never known a world outside cutting meat into pieces for the rich. But once he joins Kundo and transforms into a new identity named Dochi, he becomes a fierce warrior, whose new purpose is to seek revenge for his family.

One and only HA Jung-woo! From a humble butcher to Kundo’s go-to man!

Having catapulted into fame as the actor with the mask of a serial killer (<The Chaser), HA Jung-woo is now a household name. Over a short span of his career, the actor has tackled a diverse genres, ranging from comedy, thriller, melodrama to sports, whether it’s a blockbuster or an art house project. HA’s filmography is filled with challenges and unexpected choices. Unlike other young rising stars who often go after commercial and mainstream movies, HA has sought the development of his career with many independent and unique films. Cult movie <The Fox Family> and KIM Ki-duk’s independent film <Time> are the examples of his rebellious choices, refusing to be incorporated into the mainstream. His unique qualities that make him a household name is readily evident in <Kundo: Age of the Rampant> as well, in which he sets the mood of the film from the get-go.


2013 Fasten Your Seatbelt (as writer, director), The Terror, Live, The Berlin File

2012 Nameless Gangster, Love Fiction, Project 577

2011 The Client

2010 The Yellow Sea

2009 Take Off, Boat, Like You Know it All

2008 The Chaser, My Dear Enemy, The Moonlight of Seoul

2007 Now and Forever, Breath


2013 Best Actor Award – Paeksang Arts Awards

2013 Best Actor Award – Busan Critics Association Awards

2012 Favorite Star Award – Blue Dragon Awards

2011 Best Actor Award – Asian Film Awards

2011 Best Actor Award – Korean Critics Association Awards

2011 Best Actor Award – Paeksang Arts Awards

2010 Best Actor Award – Paeksang Arts Awards

2009 Favorite Star Award – Blue Dragon Awards

2009 Best Actor Award – Busan Critics Association Awards

2008 Best Actor Award – Golden Cinematography Awards

2008 Best Actor Award – Director’s Cut Awards

2007 Best Actor Award – Oporto International Film Festival

2005 Best New Actor Award – Korean Critics Association Awards

Character and Cast

Public enemy #1 | Jo Yoon

“I was no better than a beast to my father, there’s nothing I cannot do!”

As an illegitimate son of Naju nobleman, Jo Yoon grew up in a brothel and brought in to his father’s home, only when there was no heir to his family name. Even as a 19-year old, no one in Joseon could challenge him in martial arts head-on, but he was never accepted by his father. By joining forces with local government, he schemes to own all of Naju lands and its people.

GANG Dong-won, a multi-dimensional actor, depicting a cold-blooded but sympathetic villain!

Whenever he takes on a role, people call to attention his attractive façade even before commenting on his performance. But as one of the most celebrated actors of his generation, actor GANG Dong-won is an actor to the highest degree. Playing a sympathetic villain is no easy task, and he pulls it off marvelously in <Kundo: Age of the Rampant>. A good villain must juggle unrelenting evil and logical motive tightly in order for the audience to understand why the character acts and thinks in such way. GANG Dong-won’s sharp eyes and warm heart worked for him in this role, adding his own flavor into this wickedly evil villain at the core of this film.


2014 My Brilliant Life

2010 Secret Reunion, Haunters

2009 Woochi

2007 M, Voice of a Murderer

2006 Maundy Thursday

2005 Duelist

2004 Romance of Their Own

2004 Too Beautiful to Lie


2011 Best Actor Award – Korean Critics Association Awards

2005 Favorite Star Award – Blue Dragon Awards

2004 Best New Actor Award – Korean Film Awards


Character and Cast


Captain | Dae-ho

“Do you believe that we can build the new world?”

Man or woman, poor or rich, none of it matters to captain of Kundo Dae-ho. He regards everyone on this earth as brothers and sisters. As the leader of this group, he enforces strict rules of just and equality. With the help of fellow outlaws, he will attempt to right the wrong in the world, and tip the balance towards harmony and peace.


LEE Sung-min, a fair leader who tolerate rather than force!

Actor LEE Sung-min started his career in theater then came over to the silver screen. Using his natural gravitas and charisma to his advantage, he made impact on Korean cinema in <Secret Sunshine> by director LEE Chang-dong. After positive feedback from his characterization in <Secret Sunshine>, LEE Sung-min starred in <Go Go 70s> as a douche pop music critic, and many other memorable characters in dozens of films and TV dramas over the years. Expressing his desire to work with director YOON Jong-bin since <Nameless Gangster>, LEE finally got his wish this time, showcasing powerful voice that he gained from years on theater stage.



2014 Broken, Venus Talk

2013 A Wonderful Moment, The Attorney

2012 Howling

2011 The Cat, Officer of the Year

2010 The Unjust, Bestseller, Troubleshooter

2009 Café Noir, The Pot

2008 Go Go 70s

2007 Secret Sunshine, The Good, The Bad, And The Weird

2006 Seducing Mr. Perfect

2005 Silk Shoes

2004 Flying Boys



2013 MBC Miss Korea

2012 MBC Golden Time, The King Two Harts, Ordinary Love

2011 KBS Brain, MBC Can You Hear My Heart? My Princess

2010 MBC Pasta, Gloria, KBS The Last Freshman

2009 MBC Triple, KBS Partner, Hot Blood, SBS Can Anybody Love?

2008 KBS King Sejong, SBS Terroir, On-Air

2007 KBS The Lucifer



Character and Cast


The Vicious Monk

“If you want to live like a man, come with us.”

As a spiritual leader of Kundo, the monk is not only versed in Buddhism, but also martial arts as well. Understanding Dolmuchi’s dire situation from the beginning, he sympathizes with him and offers him a new lease on life by joining Kundo.


LEE Kyung-young, weight of lifetime experience! Spiritual core of Kundo ensemble actors

As a veteran actor, LEE possesses wisdom and experience that come with age. For these reasons, LEE was a perfect fit as the vicious monk, who had to possess enough authority and weightiness in his presence to influence others around him. Director YOON handpicked LEE for this role and he was the first casting choice.


2014 Venus Talk, Whistle Blower

2013 The Berlin File, Another Promise, The Terror Live, New World, Memories of the Sword

2012 The Concubine, National Security, A Company Man, 26 Years

2011 Broken Arrow, Hindsight

2009 Paju, Be My Guest

2006 Meet Mr. Daddy

2001 The Beauty in Dream (writer, director)

Character and Cast


Strategist | Tae-ki

“If you’ll grant me a private audience, good fortune will find you”

Born to a noble family, Tae-ki’s greatest weapon is his mouth. Smart to a fault, he’s at the center of Kundo as the schemer. He infiltrates enemy strongholds and cajoles them to complete his mission successfully. He has innate ability to mimic public officials, which becomes a vital asset to Kundo.

CHO Jin-woong, possessor of magic tongue! He brings schemer Tae-ki to life!

Actor CHO Jin-woong made his presence known to the TV audience with hit series such as ‘Chuno: The Slave Hunters’ and ‘Deep Rooted Tree’ over the years, but it wasn’t until <Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time> in 2012 that he officially became a household name as a charismatic gangster and boss of his own organization. Continuing his success on the big screen, he played a detective with animal instincts in <Perfect Number>, as well as a simple-minded stuttering driver in <Hwayi: A Monster Boy>. Not the one to pass a good role, CHO plays a calculating villain in <A Hard Day>, whose vicious onscreen presence will be talked about for many years to come. CHO collaborates with director YOON once again after their successful matchup, playing a calculating spy character, who oversees all schemes and plans.



2014 A Hard Day, Roaring Currents

2013 Hwayi: A Monster Boy, An Ethics Lesson, My Paparotti

2012 Perfect Number, Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time

2011 The Front Line, Glove

2010 Bestseller



2014 KBS Full Sun

2011 SBS Deep Rooted Tree, KBS Believe in Love, MBC Flames of Desire

2010 MBC A Man Called God, KBS Chuno

2009 KBS Sons of Sol Pharmacy


Character and Cast

Pure muscle | Chun-bo

“So we gotta slap his fate into place and set him straight.”

He can lift multiple rice bundles at a time, swing iron weapons and show off his power whenever he can. Chun-bo represents Kundo’s power and he’ll beat someone now and ask questions later.

MA Dong-seok, very definition of power!

Actor MA Dong-seok secured his role in the film along with CHO Jin-woong even before first draft of the screenplay was completed. “Herculean strength is something people know MA Dong-seok for, so it was easy for me to visualize him in this role” says director YOON. This comment may feel so obvious, but you cannot imagine any other actors taking this role. MA added his own flair to the character by making him lovable and funny, dare we say, even cute!


2014 One on One, Murderer

2013 The Flu, Marriage Blue, The Five, Rough Play, Rockin’ on Heaven’s Door

2012 The Neighbors, Nameless Gangster, Norigae, Dancing Queen, Love 911

2011 The Perfect Game, Quick

2010 The Unjust, Midnight FM

2009 Insadong Scandal

2008 The Good, The Bad, And The Weird, The Moonlight of Seoul



2010 SBS Dr. Champ

2009 SBS Swallow the Sun

2008 SBS Tazza, KBS Powerful Opponents, SBS Robber

2007 MBC Heat

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