A DOBUGAWA DREAM Film Review | 27th Raindance Film Festival 2019

Director Asato Watanabe’s film A Dobugawa Dream is having its international premiere in the 27th Raindance Film Festival 2019. It is also part of the ‘Men In Crisis’ strand and ‘In Competition’ among other films.

The film follows the character of Tatsumi (Yuwa Kitagaki) who goes through different behavioural changes. The death of a very dear friend by suicide turns him into a ‘Hikikomori’, but despite being in that condition for a long time, he plucks up courage and runs away from home. In bizarre circumstances, he meets Tsuchiro, a shogi player and embarks on a journey in which he befriends people whom he finds out are just like him.

Director Asato has shot this film in such a structure that certain events give the viewers a feeling that they are in a dream. The theme is almost similar to Alice In Wonderland, in which Alice is looking for a way out. Similarly Tatsumi is also searching for a way to escape his insecurities and rescue himself from a kind of destruction he is pulling himself into. The different characters he comes across have their own symbolical meaning, through whom Tatsumi reflects on himself and finds ways towards positivity by shunning the negativity he has harboured inside himself.

The film may be hard to follow for some because of its abstract style, but nonetheless, it is a cinematic masterpiece in the world of independent cinema.


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