Josh Hartnett Attends OH LUCY! UK Premiere In The Raindance Film Festival 2017

Josh Hartnett Attends OH LUCY! UK Premiere In The Raindance Film Festival 2017 Along With Director Atsuko Hirayangi.

The 25th edition of the Raindance Film Festival started on the 20th of September with the UK Premiere of a Japanese American Co-production film OH LUCY! The opening gala of the film festival included Josh Hartnett as one of the main guests in attendance along with Japanese female film director Atsuko Hirayanagi who directed OH LUCY! The female lead of the film played by Shinobu Terajima was not present at the Premiere. Josh Hartnett Attends OH LUCY! UK Premiere In The Raindance Film Festival 2017

In OH LUCY!, Josh Hartnett plays an American English language teacher John, who is visited by a Japanese woman Setsuko (Shinobu Terajima). As she takes a few classes, she finds herself falling in love with him, but finds herself left behind when she finds out that he’s gone back to America. Setsuko makes up her mind to go after John and soon finds herself discovering more about him than she bargained for.

During a press conference before the screening of the film, Josh Hartnett said that what he found interesting about his role was the melancholic tone of his character, who despite striving for the best in his life is still a failure. He also said that he hasn’t read that many scripts which highlight such a person. He chose to do it because he had never done a role of such kind. Further he said that his character can’t come to terms with himself. Josh found this role to be charming, quite attractive and challenging to do.

On questioning director Atsuko Hirayanagi on how she made actress Shinobu Terajima give such a perfect performance, she said that it was all her effort. She knew what she was doing, and there were times when we were both on the same frequency in understanding the role of Setsuko. It was also quite exciting to see her perform from behind the camera when she would notice her changing her emotions and face expressions slowly as the story progressed. Watching her work was quite interesting because between takes she would play her favourite game Candy Crush, but when she would come back in front of the camera, she would suddenly slip into her character. Shinobu is a natural performer because she comes from a long line of Kobuki family.

OH LUCY! had a house full show at the Vue West End on Leicester Square in London.

Writer: Adnan Kundi
Image by Adnan Kundi, Freelance Photographer of The London Tree

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