Alexis Jacknow’s AGAIN Delves Deep Into Human Soul | Film Review

Alexis Jacknow’s AGAIN Delves Deep Into Human Soul With A World Premiere At The Prestigious Tribeca Film Festival 2017.

Before watching this short film, I had to watch ‘Groundhog Day’ starring Bill Murray, and thank God I did. Those who have watched the Bill Murray movie will understand this short film much better than those who have not, but don’t be discouraged by that. This short film is far beyond than what Goundhog Day has, as it carries in itself the humane elements of life, love, memories, acceptance and patience. Alexis Jacknow’s AGAIN Delves Deep Into Human Soul.

The short film speaks volumes in a short span of time as the two characters, a man and woman, interact with each other. What stands out is the gradual build up of the characters. With each part of conversation that they have, an element of their personality unwraps. The relationship between the characters then unveils itself which highlights the circumstances that they both are in.

Alexis Jacknow's AGAIN Delves Deep Into Human Soul

Both actors Aubrey Dollar and Morrison Keddie, have given very emotional yet subtle performances each. The idea around which AGAIN revolves has been very well scripted by Bekah Brunstretter. This is the directorial debut of Alexis Jacknow, and the way she has directed this film shows that she is very well versed in film making as she herself has worked as an actress in the past. Her talent as an actress has given her a hands on experience in film making. This short film will surely be her very first masterpiece, and we will see more coming from her.

The film has had its World Premiere at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival 2017, and is being screened at Regal Cinemas Battery Park and Cinepolis Chelsea 8 in New York. This short film is a must watch.

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