ASURA THE CITY OF MADNESS Mixes Hollywood With Bollywood Film Review 11th London Korean Film Festival

ASURA THE CITY OF MADNESS Mixes Hollywood With Bollywood

Directed by Kim Sung Soo, ASURA THE CITY OF MADNESS Mixes Hollywood With Bollywood and carries in itself a cast of well versed actors. Starring in the lead is Jung Woo Sung who plays the role of Detective Han, who is secretly the main man of the corrupt Mayor Park Sungbae played by Hwang Jung Min. The most interesting character is Prosecutor Kim Cha In played by Kwak Do Won who is actually keeping an eye on both Detective Han and Mayor Park Sungbae, and knows the inner secrets of their connections. These characters are all intertwined in such a way that it is impossible for them to be disconnected. It is a very well scripted, well choreographed and extremely well planned film, and keeps the viewers engaged till the end.

Even though it is all that what I have written above in its praise, it is still a very predictive film. One can make out what would happen in the next act. It is full of action, gun shots, fist fights, a few slaps here and there, torture and a lot, I mean a lot of blood. Coincidentally, I mentioned this to Jung Woo Sung who giggled in a way that said yes, you are right! That is because he is the one who gets beaten around the most right till the end of the film. It is in fact another gangster flick similar to any other.

Performances were exceptional, with Hwang Jung Min shining in his role. I’ve met Hwang Jung Min, and I have observed that he’s not really acting, he’s just being himself as he is off screen. But yeah, he still has to act when he needs to show a lot of rage and emotions. Jung Woo Sung, well, it seemed like he was almost romancing with one of his leading ladies. It almost seemed like he was doing a romantic scene until you realise he’s getting punched and kicked right, left and front! I guess that is what is called being a charmful actor. Kwak Do Won is on another level from these actors who play lead roles. What I love about Kwak Do Won is that when ever he makes his entry into the film, you can realise at that very moment that this man will take over the screen and will put the lead actors in his shadow. He does the same in this film. He overshadows the main characters and makes them run around in panic.

Now let’s see why I said it mixes Hollywood with Bollywood, and I’m warning you, what you are about to read might contain spoilers. First of all, the car chase. I must give a standing ovation to Director Kim Sung Soo for that. It was amazingly done but it was too Hollywood! It made me feel like I’m watching a goofed up parody of Fast And The Furious. And now the Bollywood bit, but first the good news: NO! you won’t find the hero dancing around the fields with his heroine but… We have seen this a lot in Bollywood films that the hero gets kicked, punched, poked and God knows what else, but still has the energy to beat up the villain. Well, that is what exactly happens in this film. The hero has been shot very fatally in different parts of his body and is nearing his death but hey, just for dragging it on, the villain gets to say what he wants to and then Bang! Then there is this glass biting part which goes on to chewing, and you still find the guy talking normal. The glass must have bruised the tongue making it impossible to talk normal, but our protagonist keeps talking as if he just chewed on a chewing gum!

I will not say not to spend money on the ticket to watch it on the big screen. There are bits that are really amazing to watch in the cinema which will even make you forget that you actually spent money on it. But the getting shot numerously and not dying; and chewing on glass would definitely remind you about the loss that your wallet bared!!! Go watch it in the cinema. ASURA THE CITY OF MADNESS Mixes Hollywood With Bollywood. ASURA THE CITY OF MADNESS Mixes Hollywood With Bollywood. ASURA THE CITY OF MADNESS Mixes Hollywood With Bollywood. ASURA THE CITY OF MADNESS Mixes Hollywood With Bollywood

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