BURNED WINGS Film Review 2014 Chinese Visual Festival

BURNED WINGS Film Review 2014 Chinese Visual Festival

BURNED WINGS Film Review 2014 Chinese Visual Festival. Shown in the 2014 Chinese Visual Festival in King’s College London, this was one of the most unusual gangster films that I’ve seen. This piece of indie cinema was both quite surprising and shocking with its quite brutal scenes of violence and raw sex scenes. The film definitely came quite near to real life. Shot in a small city in the Northeast of Mainland China, the cinematography takes us to such locations that have never been seen before.

Zheng Kuo, Indie Film Director

Zheng Kuo, Indie Film Director

Director Zheng Kuo directed the actors very brilliantly, bringing out each character in a different manner and highlighting their characteristics individually. Each character’s been given an equal amount of time, slowly building up their stories and bringing them all together.


The film shows the realities of low life gangsters who are trying to make their names, getting to be known and struggling to get at the top. It very openly shows the harsh realities, the tragic consequences and true accounts of the danger in which such people get into once they get into the world of gangsters. The film shows that however ruthless and merciless the gangsters really are, they at the same time are also week and helpless once they get deeper and deeper into problems.

The Four Brothers

The Four Brothers

‘Burned Wings’ is a story of four brothers, who in a small city are trying to make their place known. They encounter other gangsters, corrupt police officials, debts and problems among themselves. During all this, they are constantly trying to get on the top by putting their fear in other people’s hearts. Things slowly start changing when each individual wishes to go his own way.


This film was quite an entertainment with a new and fresh cast to see. Released in 2013, this film was first shown in the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013, where it got itself known. This was Director Zheng Kuo’s second project after the documentary ‘The Cold Winter’. This film is simple film making at its best.

Warning: The trailer contains some extreme nudity.

Directors: Zheng Kuo

Writer:  Theng Kuo

Cinematographer:  Sun Yang

Starring: Yang Shicong, Li Haoyu, Wang Hongwei, Lipstick Chan, Tong Tong, Hu Yi

Genre: Fiction, Crime Thriller.

Country: China

Lanuage: Mandarin

Release Date: 1st July, 2013

Run Time: 105 min

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