Fox A Documentary By Juno Jakob – Review

Fox: A Documentary By Juno Jakob - Review

Director Juno Jakob

From director Juno Jakob comes a documentary concerning wild foxes. The Director visits the fox project on location at the Kent countryside and films the day to day activities of the people who run the charity for Fox A Documentary.Fox A Documentary By Juno Jakob - Review

Fox A Documentary points out that foxes are very unique creatures. Them being such a beautiful animal may have been the cause behind the Fox Project. It was started back in 1991 by Trevor who along with his wife Sue are currently running the Charity. Director Juno goes up close and into the project to see how the foxes are taken care of and then released into the nature again.

Fox A Documentary“5 out of 5 for the untiring effort behind the documentary and the charity itself.”

The documentary focuses on three foxes among others which have different cases for which they are being treated. For identification and gender knowing purposes, the foxes are given names. Kay is unable to bend her rear legs, Mendy is with a leg injury which is possibly a fracture and Orlando has a severe case of mange. The director follows the very dedicated team of the Fox Project to see how these foxes are treated while kept at their temporary abode till the time they are sent back into their true habitat.Fox A Documentary

Ruby,a veterinary student from Glasgow volunteers at the project and brings to light the misconceptions that people have about foxes. Trevor the founder of the project, talks about how foxes were treated in the past and how things have changed for the animals in the present age, while Sandra goes about in her car to different locations where the locals inform the project if a fox is in need of medical attention.

This documentary has successfully brought forward the charity which is dedicated to heal the sick and injured foxes. It has been been Edited, Produced and Directed by Juno Jakob, with Faye Sewell doing the narration and musical score given by Moon Tree.


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