HOTEL SALVATION Focuses On A Father And Son Relationship|Film Review

HOTEL SALVATION Focuses On A Father And Son Relationship

Hotel salvation is a film directed by 25 year old Director Shubhashish Bhutiani, which is also his debut. It is a blend of an indie and a mainstream film. Why Indie film? because it has actors who are not in the top order of Bollywood and the theme of the film is very unique. And Mainstream because it is slowly getting the wind around, and people are starting to know the actors who have worked in it. HOTEL SALVATION Focuses On A Father And Son Relationship

It is a very family oriented film focusing on a father and his son mainly, including the other family members who are adding up to the responsibilities of the son. The family is not a very well off one. The son works in a worn out office, relying mainly on his loyalty to his clients which are his sole bread and butter and the father is a very old man who keeps dreaming of someone who is calling him, which he sees as a sign of him leaving the world.

The beauty of the film is the location in which it is shot. It has been shot in Varanasi next to the Holy River Ganges, where people go to fulfil their religious duties, and the old go to be nearer to God. The father, as he is old, longs to be nearer to God, while the son, who is in his middle ages, still sees his future ahead of him. It shows a very complicated relationship between the father and son which at times is through religion, and at times through little worldly things such as TV, radio and the other affairs. As the story progresses, the complications in the relationship ease down and both come to terms with each other.

HOTEL SALVATION Focuses On A Father And Son Relationship
Adil Hussain and Lalit Behl have both given very good performances. Their chemistry with each other is flawless, and they really look like they are related to each other. Their hard work in theatre has proven its worth as it can be seen in this film. The cinematography is quite commendable as the locations are very challenging with some being very over populated and others very narrow. The script is quite good, and very relate able. This is a very good effort by Shubhashish Bhutiani at his age. After this film, we wait in anticipation to see what else he makes.

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