Kristian Haskjold’s FOREVER NOW Takes A Couple Down Memory Lane

Kristian Haskjold’s FOREVER NOW Takes A Couple Down Memory Lane. The Short Film Will Be Screened At The Palm Springs International ShortFest 2017

FOREVER NOW, Written and Directed by Kristian Haskjold is his latest venture into short films. Previous to this one, he has written and Directed four other short films covering genres like comedy, thriller, drama and mystery. His latest short film ventures partly into the genre of biography, giving it a very intimate and humane feel, which enables the viewers to relate with the characters and the situation they are in. This biographical drama focuses on the youth of the modern times, who are fast in falling in love and equally the same while falling out of it. It also brings into consideration the ways relationships work in the present times in which materialism is the norm, and self benefit is placed first rather than using it collectively. It is a very interesting topic chosen by Director Kristian Haskjold to make a film on. In a way, it raises awareness of how weak love has become compared to the other aspects of life, which help a loving couple move on in life. Kristian Haskjold’s FOREVER NOW Takes A Couple Down Memory Lane

The short film revolves around a breaking up couple who in order to live their last days together take MDMA and go down the memory lane on which they walked so far only to part their ways.

Starring Frederikke Dahl Hansen as Cicilie, and Ferdinand Falsen Hiis as William, both actors give a very good performances each. Their ability to act shows how vast their range is in adapting emotions of love, anger, hate and happiness. They have both worked in different mediums with Ferdinand starting from stage and Frederikke on screen. Their talent has enabled them to work in award winning features and shorts with each of them bagging awards for themselves too.

The short film is in competition in the Palm Springs International Shortfest 2017.

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