LONDON TOWN, A Journey Down British Punk Rock Road

LONDON TOWN, A Journey Down British Punk Rock Road

Punk Rock back in mid 1970’s was a part of a new wave of culture when Britain was going through many changes, which included nearly all facets of life. One of the many changes that Britain witnessed was music. The world was already witnessing a transition, as Rock’n’Roll made its way into the masses, which was itself an inspiration from the Blues genre, originating from black singers in America. Through Rock’n’Roll, a new form of music emerged, and that was perceived as Punk Rock. This form of genre sang strong songs which targeted politics and were also deemed anti-establishment. LONDON TOWN, A Journey Down British Punk Rock Road.

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14 years old Shay Baker witnesses the change of times in Britain during 1979 as unemployment hit it hard. He has to look after his younger sister (Anya McKenna Bruce) while his father (Dougray Scott) lays injured in the hospital. Meanwhile, he discovers ‘The Clash’, and his estranged mother’s (Natasha McElhone) true identity.

Director Derrick Borte‘s LONDON TOWN is a glimpse into the year 1979 when Britain was going through a major economical, political and racial shift as unemployment hit hard. The character of Shay Baker (Daniel Huttlestone) shows how a kid would have grown up witnessing and adapting to all the changes going on around him as he is introduced to such a form of art that expresses the mindset of the youth of those times.

While going through all these experiences, Shay Baker comes across a mysterious free spirited Punk Rock fan girl Vivian Daniels (Nell Williams), who introduces him to the band ‘The Clash‘. He immediately falls in love with the band as he witnesses the power in the music and the deep meanings behind the strong lyrics.

By a chance encounter, he also befriends the lead vocalist Joe Strummers, portrayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers who sings with his own vocals and guitar playing. His performance of the Punk Godhead is hailed as ‘studied and exacting’ by Variety. 

The film does not only focus on music, but also on politics, race and the gang culture which prevailed through those years. It is a journey back into the unemployment years which caused a clash between the working class and the elite.  The performances are quite exceptional, and the locations and settings are expertly placed to show the London of 1979. It is a must watch for music lovers, and for those who are interested in the events that shaped modern Britain. LONDON TOWN, A Journey Down British Punk Rock Road

LONDON TOWN  will release on VOD platforms on 26th December.

Writer: Adnan Kundi.

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