Love at 4 Size( Love Julinsee ) 2011

Director: Chainarong Tampong

Starring: Jirayu Laongmanee, Alex Rendell , Apinya Sakuljaroensuk , Irada Siriwut , Monchanok Saengchaipiengpen , Natcha Jantapan, Tisanart Sornseuk

Genre: Romance

Country: Thailand

Language: Thai

I just finished watching this film, and I must say I don’t come across such nice films in my age. A teen romantic comedy film based on four love stories, revolving around a Big Mountain concert, and all that in Thailand. This is the first Thai film that I watched and I must say it was a really good movie.

eua and yok

Directorial debut and surprisingly the only film directed by Chainarong Tampong back in 2011, Love Julinsee (Love at 4 size) shows the lives of Thai teenagers falling in and out of love, having fun, quarrelling and arguing and eventually coming together all for the love of music. The actors and actresses are all pretty new for me, fresh and full of talent. The film is at places quite funny to watch and at some places very serious, but it has everything that a good movie should have: Romance, Comedy, Heartache and Love.

love boat

The film shows some pretty cool places in Thailand. The cinematography is quite good, and the story line quite unique. The music also adds a good flavour to the film.


I hope Director Chainarong Tampong directs more films because he has the talent for making good films. This is a recommendation for all those wanting to watch new faces and films from around the world.

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