Martin Sofiedal’s ‘INSTAPOCALYPSE’, A Satirical Look At Instagram Addiction

Martin Sofiedal’s ‘INSTAPOCALYPSE’, A Satirical Look At Instagram Addiction Has Been Officially Selected In Cinequest Film and VR Festival 2017 in San jose.

A Zombie film which falls under the Horror and Comedy genre is written and directed by Norwegian Director Martin Sofiedal, who gained fame and success after directing a fan short film based on a well known video game called Uncharted, which was also titled as ‘Unchartered: Ambushed‘ (2014). The 4 minutes short film stars Cecille Svendsen and Patrick Finzi in the lead role, while Asbjorn Roen Halsten stars as the zombie. ‘Instapocalypse’ recently was awarded as the ‘Video of the Week‘ by Martin Sofiedal’s ‘INSTAPOCALYPSE’, A Satirical Look At Instagram Addiction

Andrew (Patrick Finzi) and Claire ( Cecille Svendsen), two survivors of a zombie apocalypse come across a dead zombie(Asbjorn Roen Halsten) with a working Iphone which has an Instagram app in it. Their longing for posting a picture soon turns violent, resulting in an unexpected twist.Martin Sofiedal's 'INSTAPOCALYPSE', A Satirical Look At Instagram AddictionInstapocalypse is a very true to life satirical look at today’s generation which uses different social media platforms to share their lives. One of the most widely used Social media platforms is Instagram. We get to see all sorts of images shared on it. From food, clothes, skylines of different cities around the world, vacation images, fashion models to the most private parts of our lives. Today’s generation has lost the meaning of privacy. It is as if the whole world has turned into zombies whose brains only function when they have a mobile in their pockets. Now success is measured by how many followers one has got, and how frequently a person is sharing their intimate parts of life. The short film tackles with this very issue in a very funny way, with a mix of action and a bit of horror.

Martin Sofiedal's 'INSTAPOCALYPSE', A Satirical Look At Instagram Addiction

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‘Instapocalypse Trailer’ Video Courtesy of Martin Sofield.


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