‘Ophelia’, Delves Into The Mind Of A Female Interviewee

‘Ophelia’, Delves Into The Mind Of A Female Interviewee.

'Ophelia', Delves Into The Mind Of A Female Interviewee

Set up in a secluded, awry old building, ‘Ophelia’, delves into the mind of a female interviewee, which is most probably an experience every woman, and even men go through, and going to and through an interview is a harrowing one. In this short film, Director Anthony Garland takes us through one such experience to which nearly every one can relate to.

‘Ophelia’ is a deep look into ones own ambitions. These ambitions can be made or broken by outside forces against which a person is at war and such forces can even create insecurities. Ophelia as an interviewee is one such character which carries in her, her ambitions along with the insecurities. The interviewers are the characters who question her ambitions and like every other interviewer want to know why she chose the job she is interviewing for? The interviewers themselves are not really the obstacles in her ambition, but the job itself is which makes Ophelia question her own inner self. The short film has different dimensions to it and tackles with various different issues which include psychological problems and self realisation.

Ophelia, a young woman goes for an interview where she is barged with questions which make her question her own abilities and ambitions. It is a look into the mind of a woman looking for a job.

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