Warren B. Malone’s ‘ACROSS THE RIVER’, An Ex-Love Story. Film Review

Warren B. Malone’s ‘ACROSS THE RIVER’, An Ex-Love Story Will Be Having Its World Premiere In The Manchester Film Festival 2017 As Part Of The Competition And The Rising Star Strand.

A romantic comedy, or an ‘ex-love story’ which would be the appropriate term for the genre in which this film falls, has been shot entirely in London. Written and Directed by Warren B. Malone, it is his first feature film as Director. The film stars Elizabeth Healey (Dr. Strange) opposite Keir Charles (Man Up) in the lead. The film will be shown on 4th March, 2017 at the Metrolink Screen at the Odeon Printworks.Warren B. Malone’s ‘ACROSS THE RIVER’

Emma (Elizabeth Healey) and Ryan (Keir Charles) under unexpected circumstances bump into each other. Together, they go on a walk around Central London reflecting upon their decisions which lead them away from each other in the past.Warren B. Malone's 'ACROSS THE RIVER'

It is a very humane film, which focuses on time lost, love forgotten and precious memories. It almost has a nostalgic feel to it. The two characters, Emma and Ryan, around whom the film revolves, are part of a true story through which nearly every one goes. They get a chance to re-live the time in which they could not understand each other, or did not get enough time to properly fall in love thus parting and going their own ways. During their unexpected meeting, they both try to explain themselves to each other. They defend their decisions, regretting and justifying them at the same time. The whole story is a cocktail of emotions. It has the power to move the audience to a smile, laugh and shed a tear of happiness and regret. It is a must watch film for those who are about to fall in love, or are already in love; or are trying to make up for the lost times together.

It is a very well scripted and perfectly executed film. The two actors, Elizabeth and Keir have a very good chemistry together, giving their best performances. The cinematography by Leigh Alner and Fabrizio La Palombara is very interesting to look at, as it frames the famous London landmarks and the skyline in such a way that it looks like a photograph on the wall. The main musical score is composed by Andy Hopkins, with three more songs: This Time performed by Jim and Pat Garrett Show, I Need Two Hearts performed by Ballboy; and September’s Not That Far Away performed by The Field Mice. The whole ambience of the film is pure love.

Warren B. Malone's 'ACROSS THE RIVER'

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‘Across The River’ Trailer Video Courtesy of Warren B. Malone

Warren B. Malone’s ‘ACROSS THE RIVER’

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