WONDER WOMAN Official Trailer Reveals More Character Details

WONDER WOMAN Official Trailer Reveals More Character Details

OK, watch the trailer first. I think it is an amazing trailer, but somehow it feels like I’ve seen it all before! Oh yeah, I remember, it’s another super hero, I mean a super heroine movie with the protagonist having all the Godly powers which we humans always crave for! WONDER WOMAN Official Trailer Reveals More Character Details

 This trailer gives away a bit off too much, but hides enough for us to go watch it on the big screen. We can figure out by watching the start of the trailer that Wonder Woman is telling about her origins, who she was before becoming the super hero and how she appeared in front of the world publicly. Of course, she was Diana, a princess of an isolated Amazonian island far from the troubles of the world. Her first encounter with a person from the outside world is with Steve Trevor, a pilot who crash lands in the sea and is then saved by Diana (which can be seen in the trailer). Well, here is where the trouble starts. The army follows him onto the island, where a battle takes place, and here is where we can see a female Amazonian warrior getting shot. This danger of coming under attack by the outside forces is what pushes Diana to go and explore the world, and somehow, like every other super hero, try to bring peace in the world. Queen Hippolyta, her mother allows her to go but also warns her ‘Becareful Diana. They do not deserve you!‘ (Watch the Comic Con Trailer below).Diana joins Steve Trevor and gets acquainted with the outside world. The more she starts to know, the more she starts to transform from Diana into Wonder Woman. She has quick reflexes and can see a bullet fast enough to dodge it or shield herself with her armour which she secretly wears under her worldly clothes! The only time she fully reveals herself in her Amazonian armour, is when she walks into a hail of bullets with her shield deflecting bombs and bullets, and fighting bad guys with her whip which turns into fire with a sword hard enough to break strong pillars!

The roles of the antagonists are played by Danny Huston and Elena Anaya whose character names have not yet been disclosed according to IMDB, but by looking at the trailer Danny Huston is playing an army general, and that a bad ass one, while Elena Anaya is playing a super villain, and as far as I can figure out, the right hand of Danny Huston’s character. I can’t say much about their characters, but this is clear that they will be a big challenge for our Wonder Woman to fight against.

The movie will have its release on 2nd June, 2017. WONDER WOMAN Official Trailer Reveals More Character Details. WONDER WOMAN Reveals More Character Details

The title image is courtesy of IMDB.com

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