Interview with Designer Christian Flores Montes

Christian Flores Montes is a designer from Argentina. We got up close and personal with him for our latest interview.

How did Blackphemy come about, briefly tell us your story.

The idea of Blackphemy came in the last years of university when I was studying at Universidad de Buenos Aires.
It all started as an Art-Fashion project, but after many exhibitions of high end pieces in museums and art galleries, people started to request some clothing, so that’s what I did. At first I made some light versions of the main pieces I already had and then it all came up with a 10 looks line with 32 garments and accessories.
There was no show, no marketing, just a single instagram story with a date, time and a secret venue, so people had to request for it. Everything was sold out. At that point I realized this is what I wanted to do.

Why have you chosen only black as the colour of your brand?

Black color has always been something very interesting to me, mostly because of everything it is related to and how many different ways is it understood by different cultures through the history. Black color is arrogant, but subtle, it is related to death, but also as a sign of elegance. I chose black color for its significance, but mainly because its timeless. A black piece can be worn at any occasion.

How important are Fashion weeks for fashion brands? Has Blackphemy ever been featured in any fashion week shows?

I think the idea of fashion weeks are a little old fashion. The event as a fashion show should be a little more modern according to our times, I mean technology, internet, and everything related should be used to improve the relation between the customer and the brand, it all should be more interactive without losing the main purpose.
Blackphemy was featured at a few fashion-music shows, because we like the idea of having our collection in a situation far beyond the runway, so we always try to create some scenarios according to our collection concept and give the public a show with a meaning

Many brands have diverted their attention to modest wear, what are your thoughts?

Well, it is nice, everybody can choose what to do, I think it all has to be because of the new wave of zero waste and consciousness of the garment and industry, which is very nice and it is a growing necessity nowadays, but at the same time we have to understand that this kind of wearing will never be successful at some point in fashion, I mean, not everybody wants the same thing and that what fashion is about, to keep you different and communicate through what you wear.

What struggles have you gone through from being where you are today?

I have been through all kinds of struggles. From not being accepted in fashion companies because of my style and to get fired of my position as a product manager because of winning an international fashion contest. It wasn’t easy, fashion scene in general is a little rough for an upcoming Latino looking male designer from Argentina. Sometimes people don’t understand that fashion industry needs to be a better place for new designers from unusual parts of the world. Fortunately, I’m a man of focus and I’m doing my best to be in the place I think I deserve. Not being accepted in your country is tough, but once you get called by curators from Paris, like CUBE showroom and London Oxford Studio, makes you think that maybe you are just in the wrong place.

Which designers are you inspired by?

Yamamoto and Rick Owens have been my role models at different points of my life. I really like what they do because I think they understand fashion far beyond than simply wearing it, it’s about art and a way of living. The way they create a whole new world inside their brands every time they do a new show is something amazing because of how that world is described at some point as a part of their ideals and imagination, and not just copying part of past or present.

Who or What has been the driving force behind your struggles?

Blackphemy is a team of two, my girlfriend, Ayelen Bergagna, and I, therefore a big part of the force is her. The other part is our focus on commitment. Personally, I am a person who believes that everything is possible if we work on it, that’s what keeps me rolling. I am a doer and Ayelen is a thinker, she always has a plan in her mind.

What is your message for future and upcoming designers?

Dream. But move yourself for that dream, nobody can do it better that you for yourself. There is no challenge in getting easy things.

Where can people buy your clothing and what are your social media handles?

They can find everything at our shop Blackphemy and our instagram account HERE.

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