Interview With Ervina Ahmati A Budding Fashion Model

Interview With Ervina Ahmati A Budding Fashion Model

With great goals in life, Ervina Ahmati has worked her way up from her first fashion shoot for Vogue, to a fashion film for Fate and Fabled. The London Tree is very grateful to Ervina for taking out time to give an interview about her career as a fashion model, and her future endeavours. Interview With Ervina Ahmati A Budding Fashion Model

The London Tree: Please tell us about yourself, and how did you get into modelling?

Ervina Ahmati: I come from a village called Hasi in Albania, where chasing your dreams is not that easy, therefore, to achieve them I moved to London. My mother is my biggest support, and she has been doing so since I was eleven years old. Thus, what I’m doing now is not only for myself, but also for my mother. Achieving my dreams of becoming a fashion model hasn’t been that easy, and many times I have felt like I should just stop, but what got me going was the support of so many people who were helping me. I am a very lively person, the kind of a person who is happy even on a monday morning. I don’t take anything for granted.

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The London Tree: What was it like when you had your first proper fashion shoot for a magazine?

Ervina Ahmati: My first shoot for a magazine was for Vogue. When I heard that I’ve been selected to work with them, I was speechless. It was such an amazing experience, but I must say that it was not all about smiling in front of the camera. I had to be on my feet for hours with the photographer taking up to one thousand pictures. In the end, only six were selected for the magazine. It was a dream come true for me, and if I get a chance to work with them again I would do it. The first time I worked with them was in 2015 when I was 15 years old, and again in the year 2016.

The London Tree: You worked in a fashion film titled ‘What Fools These Mortals Be’ for Fated and Fabled which was for an editorial for the online magazine. What was the experience like?

Ervina Ahmati: I loved working with Fated and Fabled. They were the most amazing people, and I am fortunate enough to be still in touch with them. The shoot itself was a very long one, starting from 1 pm to 9:30 pm. It was quite challenging too because I had to climb a tree wearing heels to get the perfect shot, which was not a very good experience but exciting enough. It is quite funny that I can’t walk in heels, but climbed a tree while wearing them. Then I had to work with fire which was the most fun thing to do. The only thing I didn’t like was the smoke which kept getting in my eyes which was quite painful, but thankfully I would get a break between each take and could rest my eyes. The whole scenario was very interesting and I loved every bit of it.

The London Tree: You gave a very good performance in the fashion film for Fated and Fabled, are you also planning to go into acting in the future?

Ervina Ahmati: Thank you. Acting is another dream of mine that I want to achieve. I have also been told to consider acting in the future and I definitely want to get into it because I think I have the talent to be an actress.

The London Tree: How many fashion brands have you worked for till now and which one is your most favourite and why?

Ervina Ahmati: I have worked with a lot of different brands so I don’t really have a favourite. I worked for different designers for Maidstone Hight Street which was the most awesome thing ever. My friends told me that my pictures were all over the place. That moment was the most proud one for me.

The London Tree: What is the most fun part of modelling?

Ervina Ahmati: The best part is the goofing around behind the scenes, trying out all types of clothes and most importantly being a part of a strong collaboration.

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The London Tree: What do you do when you are not modelling?

Ervina Ahmati:  I love to be lazy and just chill, however that isn’t always the case because I study and work as a volunteer, therefore I’m busy even when I’m not.

The London Tree: What is fashion for you personally?

Ervina Ahmati: For me fashion is what someone looks to for inspiration. It’s the clothes you wear that make you comfortable. I believe everyone should have their own fashion trend which suits them the best.

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The London Tree: Which famous fashion model do you look up to as a role model, and why?

Ervina Ahmati: I look up to Naomi Campbell because no matter what she has been through, she hasn’t let any one get to her. She has worked hard to follow her dream and now at the age of 46, she is still known as world’s biggest supermodels. Her personality, her achievements and the way that she has worked hard to gain them is very motivational for me.

The London Tree: Is becoming a super model your goal in life?

Ervina Ahmati: My goal was actually to be an actress, but I got into modelling. I have been rejected as an actress many times, but I think I am going towards being a supermodel. I am doing it all to achieve my childhood dream and to represent the country where I am from.

The London Tree: Which modelling agency are you with?

Ervina Ahmati: I’m currently working with BMA and Wild models


Instagram Images Courtesy of Ervina Ahmati’s Instagram Account
YouTube Video ‘What Fools These Mortals Be’ Courtesy of Fated and Fabled
Interview With Ervina Ahmati A Budding Fashion Model. Interview With Ervina Ahmati A Budding Fashion Model. Interview With Ervina Ahmati A Budding Fashion Model

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