Interview With Fahad Mustafa

Fahad Mustafais a Pakistani actor and producer. He started his acting career with dramas and gradually made his way to becoming a producer. Now he is also a big asset to the Pakistani film industry. His films Na Maloom Afraad Part 1 & 2and Actor In Law(also starring legendary late actor Om Puri) have done really well.

He was in London to promote his upcoming films Jawani Phir Nahin Aani 2 and Load Wedding. Both films are quite promising and are releasing on Eid ul Adha.

Question: Tell us a bit about your role in the film.

Answer:It’s a pathetic character that I’ve played. But I tried to play it nicely. Its a character who is gone minded, who is planning on everything that’s happening in the film. Its comedy, its entertainment and then there’s also good music in the film. So you can dance and have fun. Its overall fun to watch. There’s nothing particular anybody is doing, everyone is doing their bit so its fun.

Question: How is this film different from all the other films that you’ve done?

Answer: I think films are not different, it’s just how you present or package them. This is a different packaging altogether, it comes from Pakistan so it has Pakistani flavour. And then there are Indian actors also who bring their luggage to it. So I think it’s a good blend, both countries will love it because the story that we are telling, somehow connects both the countries. I think that’s one important thing that we’ve mentioned in the film. It’s fresh because Mawra and I have never worked together. I was not in this franchise before so, I kind of added value to it also, that’s what I was told (laughs). The rest of them are a little bit older, they needed some young people and I think that’s why they chose me.

Question: What are your thoughts on the revival of cinema? Do you think are we getting there?

Answer: I think we’ve already revived it. We’re not going to revive it every year, it’s not going to happen. Now we just need to be consistent and just have to sustain the quality of the product we’ve been given. So I think lets now not talk about the revival, let’s be consistent and make films, more films so that we can come up with good films. And not saying that we just have to make films, we have to make good films, we have to create this repo between audience and cinema so that they trust us, come and watch us no matter what, only then we’d be able to show them whatever we want. One day we’ll make a very bad film and that film will also do that much business as good films do so I think that’s kind of trust that we need to develop.

Question: What are your expectations from the new government in terms of artists and their rights?

Answer:Artists are fine, for the time being, I think we have to do something for our country then we will do good for the industry. This is not the priority to be honest because it’s going well, our industry is new relatively. To me, it seems like it’s growing really fast. In the last 4 years, we had so many good films so Government has other important issues to focus on.

Question: What are your future plans?

Answer:On this eid, I’ll be having two films released this eid, one is Load Weddingand the other Jawani Phir Nai Aani 2. So its been a very busy year, I want to rest for a while, for at least 2-3 months. I want to eat a lot because for a whole year I didn’t eat much. From the past one month, I’ve started eating a lot and it’s brought some glow to my face *laughs*. Honestly, I want to have rest, since I’ve produced a lot, I want to focus on production and the game show. Its a lot happening, I don’t see myself resting but still comparatively because two films in a year are too much.

Question: In the end, any message for your fans and audiences?

Answer:The only message for viewers right now is just watch Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2this Eid ul Azha, you won’t be disappointed, you’ll have fun.

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