Interview With Humayun Saeed

Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed was in London to promote his upcoming film Jawani Phir Nai Aani 2. ( interviewed originally during film promotions)

Question: Tell us a bit about your role in the film?

Answer: You must have seenJawani Phir Nahi Aani 1in which I played the role of a very sharp guy who has difficulties all the time but in Jawani Phir Nahi Aani2 I play a mature character. He has already had fun in life and has become stable now. He wants to have love in his life, love and only love. It’s a serious character but yes you’ll see lighter portion as well. The way he goes with the flow and gets all he wishes for in life.

Question: How is this film different from the other films you’ve already done?

Answer: Well I won’t call it a different film because I already have done films of the same genre like Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 1Punjab Nahi Jaungiwas sort of different but this is a mixture of both these genres, so in this regard, it’s sort of a different film. It’s definitely different from the first part since it had comedy. But in this film, we have added romance and comedy so you can say it’s a pure Romantic-comedy film.

Question: What do you think about the revival of the cinema?

Answer: I think it’s already sort of revived, films have started being made and are being released nationally as well internationally, now it’s our responsibility to make more films and have a positive approach towards filmmaking. Some films are like a learning process and won’t always go well.

A few Pakistani filmmakers asked me what is the formula for making successful films? I said there is no formula, just be positive and keep on making films, and share your thoughts, share your story with the people you think are capable, be it me or someone else. Just keep on doctoring your script.

Unfortunately, if someone has the finance to make a film, they just announce the film and rush with it. They try to make the film by any means and as soon as possible. The desperate attempt brings them to lose. I am capable of making about 3 films a year as far as finance is concerned, but I am not able to because when I go through a script, it costs me so much time that I don’t have time for another one. Promotion and marketing also take more time. So I don’t know how people make 3 films a year.

I think the real revival will be the day when one producer will be capable of making 4 films a year not compromising on the quality of the content.

Question: After Elections Inshallah a ‘Naya Pakistan’ is on its way so what are your expectations from the government for Pakistani artists?

Answer:  The Government needs to do a lot. The previous government made a policy, though no one acted upon it since it was formulated quite late, Imran Khan is coming and we already have many expectations from him, I think there are a lot of other issues as well being faced by Pakistan which need to be addressed beforehand that’s what I want. So I don’t expect that he just comes in and does something rapidly for us. We are already struggling for our industry so we are fine.

In future, I think the already formulated policy, which isn’t a good one, should be turned into better one like artists should be provided with funds, plots in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad etc, so that international filmmakers prefer making films in Pakistan. We should not be imposed with the taxes, since making a film in Pakistan is already a jihad.

When we make an expensive film we wonder where it would be released, how much business would it generate etc but still we are making films and I think that’s amazing. Quite a few people are promoting this in Pakistan and leading the industry. So it’s obvious if the government will help this industry, it’ll attract many people. It’ll give you respect only if you’ll respect it.

Question: Any Message for the Audience and Fans?

Answer: For the time being the only message is that Jawani Phir Nai Aani 2 is being released on Eid, you must watch it and don’t take it easy, just go and watch it. Sometimes people say that yes its part 1 was amazing and it was a hit so this one would be too. Don’t think like that, you need to support this film. If you like it the tell us that you liked it. If you don’t like it even then tell us that you didn’t like it but you must go out and watch it.

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