Katya Kulyzhka Talks Modelling, Art And GAMES Her Debut Single

Katya Kulyzhka Talks Modelling, Art And GAME Her Debut Single In This Very Informational Interview

Model Katya Kulyzhka, A Ukrainian born girl is nearly a jack of all trades. Not only is she a fashion model, she is also an artist and surprisingly a singer as well. She has come a long way ever since she stepped into the world of fashion, which opened new paths for her to tread on and discover more about herself. I requested her for an interview and she humbly accepted it. Read on to know what we talked about. Katya Kulyzhka Talks Modelling, Art And GAMES Her Debut Single

The London Tree: Hi Katya, it is so wonderful to have you here.

Katya Kulyzhka: It is a pleasure.

The London Tree: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into the world of fashion modelling?

Katya Kulyzhka: I come from the city Dnipropetrovsk in Ukraine. It is a very heavenly city where as a child you have the freedom to wander in the streets, climb the trees and bake cherries until the sun goes down. I was actually approached by a woman who asked me if she could take my picture. She took a few pictures of me and after a couple of weeks my mom got a call from the agent in Kiev who was interested in meeting me. It was the first time me and my mum went to Kiev. After that first meeting, my life completely changed. I found myself travelling to Paris, Milan, Tokyo, New York City, London over and over again. Katya Kulyzhka Talks Modelling, Art And GAME Her Debut Single

The London Tree: Wow that sounds exciting. What was your first job ever that you did in modelling?

Katya Kulyzhka: Yes it has been exciting ever since and I am loving every second of it. My first job was in Paris which was a fashion story for Jalouse, then I was chosen to work in New York Fashion Week for DKNY, Cynthia Steffe, Missoni; then Antonio Marras in Milan and Louis Vuiton in Paris again. It was all so crazy and wonderful at the same time.

The London Tree: Other than modelling you have a love for art. You have mainly made nude sketches. What fascinates you about the human body that you love sketching them?

Katya Kulyzhka: Art is a sort of an addiction for me. As far as I remember, I have been painting for a long time. I have studied in the Russian Art School of Realism and Perfection where I developed myself into modern style. Perfection does not inspire me. Art for me is ‘unperfect’, unfinished, leaving lines undisclosed, like air which has space for the mind to wander and with that you keep coming back to find something new. The human body is the most beautiful thing to me. It is graceful and powerful. It has magic in its simple lines which tell a story in their movement. Katya Kulyzhka Talks Modelling, Art And GAME Her Debut Single

The London Tree: You just released your debut single GAMES. Is singing your new found love or you always wanted to do it?

Katya Kulyzhka: GAMES is my baby. I love it. I always wanted to sing but somehow never found time for it. I was also very busy in my routine life, but at the same time lazy to try out something different until I got a piano as a birthday gift.  My friend Ambe is a music genius. She encouraged me to learn it and thus I learned to play the piano. She was very helpful. Even if I had to call her 4 o clock in the morning for some help, she would be up and working in her studio, creating something new and terrific.

The London Tree: GAMES has a very simple melody and beautiful lyrics. Did you write the song yourself and who composed it for you?

Katya Kulyzhka: Ambe and I wrote it together and worked on the music too. The result is exactly what we wanted, which is magical to both of us.

The London Tree: Should we expect a complete album coming out in the near future?

Katya Kulyzhka: Yes of course and we are already working on it. It might take us  two years. It is my goal in life now.

The London Tree: What is the best part of being a model and a singer at the same time?

Katya Kulyzhka: It is a big plus for me. Coming from fashion, I know what I want and already know the outlook of it. I now know all about the people in both fashion and music industry now. They are different to each other, but there is still a connection between them. Now that I am a best friend with the camera, I am not shy of it, therefore if I forget a line at some point, I will simply dance.

The London Tree: Who do you look up to as your role model in both modelling and singing?

Katya Kulyzhka: As a singer I look up to Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone. Lyrics wise I like Lana Del Rey and Banks for their style. In the world of fashion I admire Sasha Pivovarova and Giselle Bundschen.

The London Tree: What are you doing when you are not working in front of the camera?

Katya Kulyzhka: There are a couple of cafes where I go to draw in the evening. At times I am at a yoga studio in Williamsburg. Other than that, you can find me in libraries, museums and some jazz events. I also like escaping New York City, loosing my phone and wandering around. Travelling is another activity that I love, so you might find me in Marrakech or Vienna.

The London Tree: What is your goal in life?

Katya Kulyzhka: My goal is to be happy and live for more than a hundred years, collect art, play piano overlooking the sea, live on an island and have kids, paint and play music.

The London Tree: Which modelling agencies are you with?

Katya Kulyzhka: I am with Women Model Management. You can also follow me on instagram fashion account @KatyaKulyzhka, my music album account @Kaiyamusic and Arts account @KatyaKulyzhka_art

The London Tree: It was such an amazing time talking to you Katya and you are such an amazing personality. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Katya Kulyzhka: Thank you so much for the interview. I hope all the best for you too.

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Katya Kulyzhka Talks Modelling, Art And GAME Her Debut Single. Katya Kulyzhka Talks Modelling, Art And GAME Her Debut Single. Katya Kulyzhka Talks Modelling, Art And GAME Her Debut Single. Katya Kulyzhka Talks Modelling, Art And GAME Her Debut Single. Katya Kulyzhka Talks Modelling, Art And GAME Her Debut Single.

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