Are you an architect in London, then you will be pleased to know you can now order your 3D London Models directly from AccuCities at an affordable price? They are 3D mapping experts providing all in the Planning, VR Gaming, and Architecture with accurate environment 3D city models. The maps are geographically correct and encapsulate a full terrain facade with contour details. All the available London 3D models are editable and printable. You can buy them in different formats from AutoCAD DWG, SketchUp SKP, and FBX. 3D LONDON MODELS BY ACCUCITIES

Thousands of planning and architectural firms with great results have used these 3D London Models. You can find a wide selection available and some of the highlighted packages are as follows:

Wide Area 3D Models of London

Choose from a London Base Model used in different projects. The Level 1 Base 3D Model offers you high-resolution imagery and covers 25 km2. The dataset is accurate and includes main roof shapes of the buildings plus a precise terrain. The models easy to edit and is great to use in presentations and simulations. Further, you receive it imported in Unreal Engine 4 and you can use it with the five-year multiple company licences. There are other models available as well by viewing them here3D LONDON MODELS BY ACCUCITIES

Small to Medium Sized London 3D Models

Alternatively, you can compare the small to medium sized models available. AccuCities has four available packages you can choose as follow:
Level 2 Central London 3D Models
Level 3 Central London 3D Models
Level 2 3D Models Outside Central London
Level 3 3D Models Outside Central London
Included with each of the 3D Models you can choose a small order consisting of 0.25 km sq and 60cm accuracy in medium detail. These maps you can buy per km in both low and high detail. Further, you receive a 5-year licence included and you can receive it in different formats.

The Level 3 High Detail 3D Model of London

Another highlighted model AccuCities provide is the Level 3 High Detail 3D Model. This is an up-to-date captured map of London taken in 2016 and updated continuously. The imagery is in high-resolution and covers 25 km2. Here the accuracy is up to 15 cm in all axis’s. Furthermore, you receive the exact main roofs of the building with an accurate detached terrain. During your three-year contract, they make sure, to keep it up to date. This 3D London Model you can only receive on a 36-month contract and has a three-year user license included.

Final Thoughts

So if you need 3D London Model make sure to check the large collection available at AccuCities to find one suitable for your needs. If you cannot find the coverage you need available on the site, contact them and they will help you create one for your desired project to help you out.

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