Best Scenic Walks To Do In London

Best Scenic Walks To Do In London.

London is considered as one of the best cities in the world. With big green parks, it gives the best opportunity to its inhabitants to relax and reflect after a long and hectic week of work. London also provides the best chance to its people to go on long walks in a healthy environment. The beauty of this great city is that among the hustle and bustle of the people, cars, and tall modern buildings, there are routes carved out for people who love walking, which is either done while going to work, or when on a leisurely stroll. Best Scenic Walks To Do In London

Morden Hall Park

Situated in the South of London, its lush green grass, colourful flowers and tall breezy trees attract people from all over London. Spread across 125 acres of land, it provides the perfect chance to go on a long walk. What increases the beauty of this park is the River Wandle, which can either be crossed over by bridges, or a stroll can be taken along its side. The park contains the Morden Hall itself which dates back to the 1770s, including a Morden Cottage, an old Snuff Mill where tobacco used to be grounded and many old farm buildings. This park is the perfect destination for a good history lesson.

Limehouse to Little Venice by the Regents Canal

The walk from Limehouse to Little Venice by the Regents Canal is suitable for those who love to walk through Central London, and take in the old and new, the ancient and the modern sights of the city. This walk provides an excellent opportunity to photograph different parts of London with a mix of busy and quiet streets along with market places, parks and shops. The Regents Canal is actually a link between River Thames and the Grand Union Canal, which makes up the Little Venice area in London. The length of the walk is approximately 14km, and the best season to go on a walk is during spring and summer time, although winters is not a bad idea either.

Thames Path

The Thames Path is the best one if you want to walk the entire length of the River Thames. Well, it’s not actually possible to walk the entire length of the river, but there are a few places which are of great interest, which include the London Eye, Southbank, Houses of Parliament, The Tower Bridge, Tate Modern and the British Film Institute to name a few. The walk may look quite a long one, but once you get into it, you forget about time, and become curious to know and see more of this great city of London. There is no scarcity of eating places as well known restaurants and take-aways are available at small distances. No matter how many places you see while walking along The Thames, you would want to come back again to experience it all from the start to the end.

London is filled with walking paths which take you through places which have been preserved the way they were and have been permanently etched into the time they first came into existence. Walking around London is the best way to know the city, its people and its history.

Best Scenic Walks To Do In London. Best Scenic Walks To Do In London

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