CAPITAL FALLING Interview With The Author Lance Winkless

CAPITAL FALLING Interview With The Author Lance Winkless

The London Tree: Explain the title ‘Capital Falling’

Lance Winkless: To explain the title I think I will have to tell you a bit about Capital Falling’s story, without giving away any ‘spoilers’ of course, if that’s okay? CAPITAL FALLING Interview With The Author Lance Winkless

The London Tree: Yes, please continue

Lance Winkless: The Capital Falling story takes place encompassing London, hence the ‘Capital’ and revolves around a viral outbreak that erupts in the city. This catastrophic outbreak threatens to overrun and destroy London, in any event, it will have dire consequences for the city and so the ‘Falling’ part of the title picked itself really.

The London Tree: Who is the main character?

Lance Winkless: Capital Fallings main character is a former SAS soldier called Andy Richards. Andy is now a single parent, he has a young daughter and an older son, who is an infantryman in the army. As you can imagine from his time as a SAS soldier Andy is well used to the horrors of the battlefield, but now he finds himself trapped in the middle of this terrifying outbreak with no obvious way out. Andy is desperate to protect his young daughter from whatever the threat is and to find his son who is serving with his army regiment somewhere in London. This is Andy’s ultimate challenge, for the survival of himself but more importantly his children and failing means a fate worse than death.

The London Tree: Why did you decide to start writing and where did your inspiration come from?

Lance Winkless: I was an avid reader from a young age and had thought about writing a book many times. Later in life, I found myself as a working single parent with a young daughter, I had spare time on my hands when she was in bed and at other times. An idea for a story came to me at this time so I decided to give it a go, I decided to use this time constructively. The writing and the story grew and I soon found I had about 10,000 words written. The story and writing was, I though, better than I could have hoped for but I needed a second opinion. I gave this part of the manuscript to my mum, she is a big reader, I asked her to promise to give me an honest opinion because I didn’t want to carry on if my writing wasn’t good enough. She was frankly amazed that I had decided to write a book and by how good it was, this spurred me on to continue.

The London Tree: How long did it take to write Capital Falling?

Lance Winkless: I started writing about five years ago but I stopped for about a year and a half when I met my current partner. I eventually showed her the book, so far, and she too thought it was really good and encouraged me to start writing again and finish it. I did start again and finished the actual book about two years ago, then came the dreaded publishing process.

The London Tree: Tell us about the publishing process

Lance Winkless: When the book was finished, I suppose I was a bit naive and eager, I sent the book to any publisher I could find, both big and small. The book hadn’t been professionally edited and I didn’t have a following of potential readers on social media or any following in fact. Amazingly, two publishing companies offered me contracts for them to publish the book, one in America and one in Australia.
I had the contracts looked at by a professional, who, while saying that the contracts were completely valid, advised me that I would be signing over my work and they were not offering me anything that I couldn’t do myself, so I decided to keep control and self-publish. I have to admit that self-publishing has been a steep learning curve, it is complicated to self-publish and has taken a lot longer than I thought it would.

The London Tree: Will there be a second book?

Lance Winkless: Yes, my original idea for the story didn’t even materialise in the first book, it was taken over by other aspects of the story, but this part of the story will be told in the second book.

The London Tree: Where can readers get hold of Capital Falling?

Lance Winkless: The eBook is available on all major websites, like Amazon, iTunes and Google Play and the print version is available through Amazon. All details can be found on my website

CAPITAL FALLING Interview With The Author Lance Winkless

Book Blurb

Capital Falling 

As black smoke rises, order disintegrates…

Former SAS soldier Andy Richards is no stranger to horrors, but no training could ever have prepared him for the nightmare unfolding at home. While a viral epidemic hammers London, Andy finds himself trapped in the epicenter, forced to protect his family. Together with his young daughter, he leads a small group of survivors toward latent refuge, all the while searching for his missing son and infantryman; this is the ultimate game of survival.

With those infected displaying brutal, inhuman behavior and caught up in a climate of martial law, no one can be trusted. Old connections may help to unravel this mystery virus, but the resultant hellscape means Andy and his group meet danger at every turn.

Stakes are high, and failing means a fate worse than death…


The perfect tale for troubled times, Capital Falling delivers dark thrills and surprising sentiment—twisted, cerebral fun. You’ll race to the end like your life depends on it…

CAPITAL FALLING Interview With The Author Lance Winkless. CAPITAL FALLING Interview With The Author Lance Winkless. CAPITAL FALLING Interview With The Author Lance Winkless

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