Doctors: Park Shin Hye To Play A Gangster Turned Neurosurgeon

Doctors Park Shin Hye plans a comeback into dramas by accepting the offer of playing the role of a neurosurgeon in an SBS medical drama titled Doctors.


Lee Sung Kyung

Doctors Park Shin Hye would be playing the role of a gangster turned neurosurgeon in an upcoming SBS medical drama titled Doctors. The talented actress would be acting opposite ‘Cheese In The Trap’ actress  Lee Sung Kyung. The roles would be a challenge to them both as Park Shin Hye is playing the lead role, and Lee Sung Kyung the second lead role.

The premiere of the drama is quite far off in the future, therefore both actresses are considering to accept the offers made to them. If accepted, Park Shin Hye would play the role of Hye Jung who has lived as a gangster in the past, but goes on to change into a well respected neurosurgeon. Lee Sung Kyung would play the role of Seo Woo who is brought up in a rich family with a caring nature, but changes into a vengeful person when she realises that the person she loves has been stolen from her.

The drama is planned to be telecast on Mondays and Tuesdays starting somewhere around mid june. “Doctors” explores the relationship between patients and doctors while touching on academic elitism in the Korean society.


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