HEADBLADE The Award Winning Brand Opens Up In Britain

HEADBLADE The Award Winning Brand Opens Up In Britain.

The award winning brand HEADBLADE has now opened up in Britain with its own warehouse and e-commerce. Founded by Todd Greene, the company first started back in 1999 in California, with the sole purpose of making such a blade which makes shaving heads easy, comfortable and safe all at the same time. This innovation garnered the company a lot of awards including “Ten Best Designs – by TIME Magazine“, “The IDSA Silver Award” and the “REDDOT Design Award“. HEADBLADE The Award Winning Brand Opens Up In Britain

There is a vast range of Razors available with modern and very unique designs. The best and the most well known razor is the MOTO. Its design makes it easy for the user to place it on the head and shave. As safety and comfort have been given the highest priority, MOTO’s unique hold on the blade is such that it smoothly follows the direction the user wants it to go without the fear of getting cut. Replacement Blades are also available which have 4 and 6 Blades technology all shaving the head with ease as they have a lubricating strip attached on top of them. To give them a longer life, always remember to wash them clean and allow them to dry.

HEADBLADE also provides it customers with Creams to apply before or after a shave. The creams which are being sold are ClearHead Bump Treatment, HeadLube Post-Shave Moisturizer, HeadShed Scrub and HeadSlick Shave Cream. 

The plus part is that the company also provides with Accessories which include Head Cases, Travel Cases, Head Wipes, Messenger Bags, Hanging Toiletry Kit, The Groomster and most importantly a MOTO Head Case for the famous MOTO. With some touch of fashion, there are Hoodies, Beanies and Baseball Caps also available to purchase.

The UK is the only country other then the USA to have an easy Subscription Service. Subscribe and get an endless supply of Razors, Creams, Apparel and most importantly Replaceable Blades.

The HEADBLADE merchandise is a must have for men who find it hard to shave their heads from ordinary blades. Go a level high and upgrade yourself with HEADBLADE razors. To make your first purchase visit the website: www.headblade.co.ukStay Up To Date by following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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