How to Host a Silent Disco Party

The silent disco concept has been around for a long time, even though it was previously dismissed as a passing trend. It has stuck around and has proven to be a more convenient option of holding parties, especially where there are intolerable neighbours. Most of the time neighbour’s complain about noise and other types of disturbance like smoking making it harder to hold a party. Silent parties are the solution. You don’t have to stop your entertainment. And your neighbours don’t have to put up with the inconvenience. All you need is a silent disco kit, and you’re good to go regardless of whether you’re at a club or home.

Silent disco kit

Silent disco kits are made up of headphones and transmitters that allow you to enjoy music and still interact with the guests. The headphones have in-built speakers that are capable of producing bass, allowing you to enjoy the music as you would with external speakers. This is a feature that has been given priority in silent disco headphones. They are not like the ordinary headphones so you have to be specific when looking for them. They are also wireless and are powered by either batteries or direct charging. Battery-powered headphones are less ideal because you have to keep changing them.

Silent disco transmitters are the other components in a silent disco kit. They allow the transmission of the music from the source to the headphones. They come with different ranges, so you need to get one with the widest range so that you don’t confine yourself to a smaller circumference. They also have channel selection features that allow you to connect to either a DJ, an iPod, or a laptop. Choose one that is suitable for your party. If you’re going to a club, then connecting to the DJ channel will be more appropriate. It is possible to connect the transmitter to all the channels to make it easier for your guests to select the music they want when they want to change it.

Silent disco tips

Although these are the main products in a silent disco kit, you can always ask for additional resources like proper lighting tools from the company you hire or buy from. The type of lighting you choose to have can make the part more attractive, making the party more enjoyable. The fact that there’s no audio equipment means there is more room for you to get creative with lighting options. You can work with a visual artist if you prefer, but usually, the silent disco company you buy the kit from will give you lighting-related advice.

Since the transmitters and headphones rely on power, it’s a good idea to buy electric-powered ones and has enough charging ports for the guests. You don’t want the disappointment of your guests not being able to use the equipment halfway through the party because there’s no way to charge. The type of venue you choose will also affect the general outcome of the party. The room doesn’t have to be very large, but you should have a section dedicated to smokers. Make sure you have different types of music for the guests.

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