Most Prestigious Office Addresses in London

Most Prestigious Office Addresses in London

With such a diversity of people and businesses, London can truly be called the capital of the world. A centre for global financial services, premier legal firms, corporate headquarters for multinationals, and a thriving technology sector, the city hosts a grand variety of industry elites and has established itself as the prestige global city with postcodes that pack the greatest punch in reputation. Most Prestigious Office Addresses in London

But which areas of the thriving and upscale capital harbor the most prestige? Several London boroughs come with added name appeal when selecting the best location for your business.

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Mayfair is an established and historic borough that offers the venerable qualities many associate with a classic London address. Historically, Mayfair has made its reputation as a high class neighborhood that caters to the worlds wealthy. With top-market residential property owned by billionaires, bespoke tailors, and luxury boutiques, it continues to do so. But also to this end, expensive services catered to premium clients make Mayfair a premium address for professional firms. Legal and financial services continue to spar for the valuable real estate and compete for its most prestigious numbers.

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The Square Mile

For high-end firms in the finance, banking, insurance, and legal services sectors, an address within the City of London continues to garner respect and reputation at home and abroad. Much of the attraction in a City address lies in the authority it brings to a company’s name. With major multi-national corporations, the Bank of England, and numerous professional associations like the Inns of Court making it home, the Square Mile provides respect as a location for the established, reliable, and professional.

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Southwark is also known as London Bridge Quarter and sits on the south bank of the Thames. Home to the Shard, the district has begun to siphon off the financial energy of Canary Wharf into new and exciting directions. Southbank has established itself as a home to the growing FinTech industry and seems to offer a dynamic mix of art, innovation, and power finance all in one. Home to the Tate Modern and a thriving café and restaurant scene, this area conjures images of a trendy culture as well as innovative success in its addresses. Hubble has listed the area as one of London’s up and coming areas for 2017.

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Camden is north London’s crazy alternative to Southwark. Long known as the city’s creative and artistic center, the borough now also has one of the highest start-up rates in the city, according to With famous commercial and business centers like Tottenham Court Road, New Oxford Street, and Covent Garden, the area is no stranger to success and is home to the second highest number of business according to the borough’s governing body. Tranquil green spaces like Regent’s Park and Hampstead Heath are a stone’s throw away from the area’s best addresses, which tend to evoke creativity and innovation when read on stationary and contact details. This makes the area particularly suitable for creative businesses in tech, fashion, and design.

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Paddington, resting north of Hyde Park, hosts a mix of office spaces ranging from traditional to new buildings in the north of the City of Westminster. Made famous by its extensive transport links via Paddington Station, the area is viewed as the gateway to London and its addresses thrive off of this connotation. More than that, the area has been the focus of extensive redevelopment schemes that have aimed to increase office space and business infrastructure. A host of commercial services companies including Marks & Spencer, Vodafone, Prudential, Nokia, and Visa have headquartered here, and the growing square footage of leasable office space is making the area attractive as an innovative but tranquil district in the heart of West London.

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Most Prestigious Office Addresses in London. Most Prestigious Office Addresses in London.

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