Running Man Cast Members Answer The Most Popular Questions

Running Man Cast Members in the latest episode 291, answer the most popular questions sent to them by their fans.

Running Man cast members in the latest episodes answer the most popular questions. The questions were sent via social networking sites. A total of 6,271 questions were sent. Among them three questions were the most popular.

3- Is Ji Hyo really pretty?

2- Are Ji Hyo and Gary really in love?

1- Is Jae Seouk a decent man?

Other than those three most popular questions, the cast members were also asked

When will Ji Hyo and Gary shoot ‘We Got Married’?

What are the chances of them becoming a real couple?

If you could switch bodies with another member, who would it be?

Who eats the most?

The cast members all sit together and answer questions that the viewers have sent them. We will need to watch the latest episode to see what answers they give.

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