Running Man Ep 432: The Easy Brothers Are Back

Running Man Ep 432: The Easy Brothers Are Back In This Christmas Special Episode.

In this Christmas Special episode, the Running Man members have teamed up with new guests with whom they will be having a race. The sneak peak of the episode brings back the memories of the same old Running Man in which the members had to run after each other and win their missions by snatching off their name tags. This time it will be different. Running Man Ep 432: The Easy Brothers Are Back

Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin will be in focus as they have been given secret missions each to succeed. They will both do anything to win, even cheat their fellow partners and other members.

The members will play as couples. Lee Kwang Soo will be with actress Park Ha Na; So Min with singer dancer Hwang Chi Yeul; Ji Suk Jin with the variety show legend Jeon Hye Bin; Jae Sook Jin with Actress Seon Hwa; Kim Jong Kook with Girls’ Generation member Soo Young; Ha Ha with actor Sung Hoon and Song Ji Hyo with Se Chan.

Looks like this episode will be one of the most exciting ones of the year 2018.

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