Sound of the Heart: Lee Kwang Soo To Act Opposite Jung So Min In Upcoming Sitcom

Sound Of The Heart: Lee Kwang Soo

Jung So MIn

Sound Of The Heart: Lee Kwang Soo the famous member of the variety show Running Man will star opposite actress Jung So Min.

Sound Of The Heart: Lee Kwang Soo will be starring opposite actress Jung So Min in their upcoming comedy sitcom. The comedy sitcom is based on a webtoon of the same name which started in 2006 having over 1000 episodes. The filming is already taking place.

Fans are eager to see Lee Kwang Soo in a sitcom opposite Jung So Min because of his comedic abilities on Running Man. He will play the role of Cho Seok whose crazy and hilarious life experiences opposite his girlfriend turned wife Aebang, played by Jung So Min will be shown. Jung So Min has also proven her abilities of doing comedy roles by working with Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss.

There will be total of 10 episodes with the duration of ten minutes each. The episodes will be aired online first and then on KBS. The series will be an enjoyable one to watch.

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