The Most Iconic Watches in Films

The Most Iconic Watches in Films

Blood DiamondBreitling Chrono Avenger

The extremely popular 2006 political war thriller ‘Blood Diamond’ features the talented Oscar winning ‘Leonardo DiCaprio‘ who can be found wearing a Breitling Chrono Avenger. This timepiece is featured quite heavily throughout this film as a classic shock proof and water resistant watch – fitting for the environment and the events the character comes across. The Most Iconic Watches in Films

Back to the FutureCasio CA53W Twincept Databank

The iconic and lovable film from the 80’s brings us the timeless classic that is ‘Back to the Future’ and they could not have chose a more appropriate watch for Marty Mcfly to wear. The Casio CA53W Twincept Databank – back in the day when having a calculator in your watch was considered ‘cool’. A simple yet clever accessory to invoke nostalgia in viewers who were born during that era.The Most Iconic Watches in Films

Batman BeginsReverso Grande Taille

The rebirth of Batman blessed us with ‘Batman Begins’, the start of a new genre of superheroes depicted by Christopher Nolan. Within the DC film we find on many occasions billionaire ‘Bruce Wayne’ played by Christian Bale wearing the Reverso Grande Taille. What is most significant about this particular watch was that the costume designers engraved the ‘Batman Symbol’ into the watch. This makes this watch a special edition and hence an iconic watch! The Most Iconic Watches in FilmsThe Most Iconic Watches in Films

Pulp FictionThe Lancet

Perhaps one of the most memorable and significant watches portrayed in cinematography, this particular watch wasn’t just another prop but played an important role in the dialogue. The Lancet appeared when Butch, played by Bruce Willis, recalls his father’s war buddy played by Christopher Walken, who gave the account of how the watch was salvaged during the war when he lost his father.

American PsychoRolex

The Rolex is arguably an icon itself regardless of what film it is shown in, however that is not the reason why the timepiece has made the list. No, the reason is that this thriller features a protagonist who is ultimately a complete psychopathic killer…and we can understand why most brands would not want to be associated with murder. Therefore Rolex’s inclusion is iconic for the reason that certain scenes were not allowed to show the watch from fear of negative reputation. Hence the line ‘Don’t touch the Rolex’ was switched to ‘Don’t touch the watch’ even though ‘Patrick Bateman’ played by Christian Bale was indeed wearing a Rolex.

Casino Royale –  Omega 

They don’t come much classier than ‘007’ himself and over time his watches have inevitably changed, from Rolex, to Tag Heuer, to Seiko. So what makes the Omega Seamaster so iconic? Well purely for the reason that Rolex was the most predominant timepiece in the James Bond films; however this all changed in ‘Casino Royale’. Bond girl ‘Vesper Lynd’ asks James Bond played by Daniel Craig whether his watch was a ‘Rolex’ to which Bond responded ‘Omega’. A simple yet iconic dialogue that emphasises change which makes this watch an iconic timepieceThe Most Iconic Watches in Films

So there we have it! The most iconic watches in cinematic history and I’m sure there’s some you will agree with and others you believe should belong on the list! From the luxury high priced watches to more affordable watches – these are the iconic timepieces that did more than just tell time.

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