Word of Mouth by Phonic Blizz Ent

It’s late, late night.Everyone is waiting patiently to get their chance to get to the open mic. Hungry artist pile up in a small basement where they can express their art from singing, spoken word, and/or rapping on a pirate radio station that hit the ears of neighborhood listeners. “It’s top quality talent in here tonight” says underground hiphop artist Diff’rence Aka Darrin Cox. Darrin Cox who sometimes host the show says “It’s fun friendly competition”.
The main skill for the “producers” of this late night entertainment is not to get caught by the FCC.
The venue is constantly being switch to different locations to keep the feds away.
Most Pirate stations are advertised by word of mouth.
There are various pirate radio stations abroad from North america to latin America to Europe.

Twitter: @diffrence3

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