Style tips for the Summer by Stitch Three

We caught up and spoke with the three individuals spearheading brand and a UK fashion studio concept, Stitch Three about their style tips for this summer.

Stitch Three. All three of us grew up in tropical climates and live for the summer months. Feeling that glorious sunshine when you wake up in the morning lifts our moods and jump-starts our day. Here are our tops tips for looking and feeling fabulous all summer long:

Beauty is skin deep: The sun is great is for the skin, providing that much needed vitamin D we are so deprived of. Look after it by investing in a great cleanser and sun block and drinking lots of water. Let your skin bask in the warmth. Our favourite look for summer is great tinted moisturiser for glow with a touch of blush and a dab of gloss. Cool, polished and ready to go.

Maxi Dress - Sania Maskatiya

Maxi Dress – Sania Maskatiya

Pastels Colours - Sania Maskatiya

Pastels Colours – Sania Maskatiya

White on white: Pure, beautiful and classically chic; this is a look that never goes out of style. Try a flowy tunic with cropped trousers or flared trousers with a crop top. No matter how you style it, this is a look guaranteed to look good. Just be sure to match your shade of white.

Printed trousers: A bright and colourful way to embrace summer, these look best with plain tops though contrasting prints can look great too! We love these beautifully tailored chain embroidery trousers by Sania Maskatiya.

Printed Trousers - Sania Maskatiya

Printed Trousers – Sania Maskatiya

Pastels: Soft candy floss hues such as peach, lime green and pale yellow look pretty and fresh in the summer. Try the pretty floral on offer by Farida Hasan and the gorgeous summer capes by Maheen Karim.

Maxi dresses: Nothing says summer like a maxi dress does. Now widely available in all manner of fabrics, cuts and prints there is one for everyone. Make a statement by trying one of the beautiful print ones on offer by Sania Maskatiya or Maheen Karim.

Maxi Dress - Maheen Karim

Maxi Dress – Maheen Karim

Prints, prints and prints: We love the prints on offer by our designers. Prints by Sania Maskatiya and Maheen Karim feature bright colours with birdcages, sea horses, fairy tales and so much more. Buy one statement piece and style it by adding dark or light pants, Palazzos, printed pants or full skirts for a variety of looks all summer long.

astel Colours - Farida Hasan

astel Colours – Farida Hasan

Summer jackets: Light chiffon or silk jackets with delicate embroidery and handcrafted embellishment are our top favourite style for the summer. Choose pretty summer colours and pair them with a plain slip and cigarette or crop pants for effortless chic that easily translates from day to night. Or wear them with jeans or over a dress. The structured nature of the outfit makes it easy to hide bumps adding comfort and confidence to the mix. Designers such as Nida Azwer and Sania Maskatiya are hugely popular for this look and offer a number of different cuts, lengths and colour options.

Summer Jackets - Nida Azwer

Summer Jackets – Nida Azwer

Offering bespoke, bridal and styling services, Stitch Three curates in the UK a discerning edit of the leading design talents from India and Pakistan’s fashion scenes for a UK audience. For more details visit

Style tips for the Summer by Stitch Three




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