WILDZ XL Bringing The Jungle To The Concrete

WILDZ XL is a street-wear brand selling clothing for both men and women. It has a wonderful message behind it and that is about the survival of the wildlife around the world.

The clothing brand encourages animal rights and symbolically fights against trophy hunting and poachers. With each purchase WILDZ XL will donate 10% to a wildlife organisation, therefore a part of the money spent on their product will go to a good cause.

The clothing products range from caps, sunglasses to t-shirts, crop tops, and shorts. There is also a designated page where these clothes are on Sale including New Arrivals.

Head over to the WILDZ XL website and checkout the latest range. Keep in mind that 10% of your purchase will be donated to a wildlife organisation.

Website: https://www.wildzxl.com/

Instagram: @wildzxl 

Facebook: wildzxl2017

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