Mageina Tovah’s Directorial Debut ‘HUX’ Highlights The Issue Of Autism

Mageina Tovah’s Directorial Debut ‘HUX’ Highlighting the issue Of Autism will be screened at the HollyShorts Film Festival.

Mageina Tovah’s Directorial Debut ‘HUX’ brings into highlight the issue of autism, a mental condition which makes it hard for people to communicate openly with others. In her first ever directed short film, Mageina Tovah (Spiderman Franchise, American Horror Story) has mostly done everything by herself including production, editing and writing the film.

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Mageina Tovah plays the lead role as Hux, a mentally challenged woman suffering from Autism. Living on her own with only her dog by her side, the short film shows how she goes on her daily life. Making a special appearance in the short film is Harry Dean Stanton (The Green Mile), playing the role of Hux’s grandfather. Her grandfather is her spiritual healer, who has always been by her side.


The short film also has an element of mystery in it. Although on the IMDB site, one of the genres given to the short film is Sci-fi, but it doesn’t completely live up to it, or maybe the mysteriousness that this short film carries in it  involves the Sci-fi genre.

Mageina Tovah’s short film has successfully bagged numerous awards including Best Dramatic Short in Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, Best Professional Short in Reel to Reel Film Festival, Platinum Remee Award in Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival and has also gone on to be selected for awards which includes Edinburgh International Film Festival.

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