Eiji Uchida’s LOVE AND OTHER CULTS Is A Satirical Look At Today’s Youth | Film Review | 25th Raindance Film Festival 2017

Eiji Uchida’s LOVE AND OTHER CULTS Is A Satirical Look At Today’s Youth.

Directed by Eiji Uchida, this film is the second production of Third Window Films, with LOWLIFE LOVE being the first one. LOVE AND OTHER CULTS had its UK Premiere at the prestigious Raindance Film Festival. Eiji Uchida’s films have always focused on the down trodden and socially cast away people. His characters are a reflection of a society which from the top looks perfect, but from within carries in itself all the imperfections which are hidden from sight. The films he makes are caricatures, both serious and satirical overflowing with bitter truth which are unacceptable in real life. LOVE AND OTHER CULTS is also one of those movies, which not only focuses on the aspect of Love, but also on the socially ignored, rejected, dejected and sexually active youth who are looking for something normal to enter their lives. Eiji Uchida’s LOVE AND OTHER CULTS Is A Satirical Look 

Ai (Sairi Ito) and Ryota (Kenta Suga) are two characters who are both seen to be as abnormals trying to make their way through life. Although their aims are completely different from each other, but they still walk the same path. Ai is ignored by her mother and friends, which makes her a loner, while Ryoko considers himself a cast off from the society because of living with delinquents. Kenta (Antony) is another character in the film who is part of a gang along with Yuji (Kaito Yoshimura). Kenta makes himself look tough to everyone in order to keep up to his peers, while Yuji is a dedicated problem maker, loyal to his boss Hisaya, played by Japan’s veteran actor Denden. Kenta, in order to get out of the chaotic life of being a gangster, tries to find his way out when he falls in love with Reika (Hanae Kan).Director Eiji Uchida also used real life local gangsters to shoot a few scenes in the film, which were done under the supervision of the police. Other actors who have worked in the film are veteran actors Leona Hirota and Yoshimasa Kondo.

Writer: Adnan Kundi
Image provided by Third Window Films
YouTube Video Courtesy of Third Window Films

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