Larissa Goldner Talks Of Fashion, Modelling And Her Mum

Larissa Goldner Talks Of Fashion, Modelling And Her Mum In This Exciting Interview

Brazilian fashion model Larissa Goldner’s entry into the world of fashion was very unexpected, but ever since it has been an adventurous journey. She has been walking the ramp for many big fashion brands in fashion weeks around the world and has been photographed for numerous fashion magazines. Now she has made modelling her career and has flourished in her talent. I had the chance of interviewing her, so read on and know how she got into modelling and more. Larissa Goldner Talks Of Fashion, Modelling And Her Mum

The London Tree: Hi Larissa, It is so nice to talk to you today.

Larissa Goldner: Thank you for having me here.

The London Tree: Please tell us about yourself and What inspired you to become a fashion model?

Larissa Goldner: I am from Brazil and have been living in London since few years now. It is wonderful here. I started modelling when I was 16. It was not something that I wanted to do but I was put into it by my lovely mother. She had heard about a big modelling agency in the city which was giving classes to girls on how to become a model. At first all the classes seemed funny to me and I was a bit reluctant, but my mother told me that I should at least learn how to walk and have a better posture. Thus I learned all about the fashion industry including how to pose for the camera and how to walk for shows.

The London Tree: So your mother is the driving force behind you?

Larissa Goldner: Yes definitely, and I am so thankful to her for putting me into this line of career. By my mother’s encouragement I joined a small agency in my town until I got discovered by a bigger agency in the capital of my state Espirito Santo. I went to Sao Paulo with them where I worked in the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, and surprisingly after a few weeks, I found my self going to Paris and living there. Paris was a bit scary but very interesting experience for me because I was alone there and didn’t know a word of French or English. In the end it was all worth it.

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The London Tree: That sounds quite adventurous. How did it feel when you had your first photo shoot for a fashion magazine?

Larissa Goldner: My first photo shoot was in my state, right before I went to work in the Sao Paulo Fashion Week. I was very excited and happy to do it. My mom including my whole family were happy to see me in a fashion magazine. They were so proud of me. My mom still has that magazine with her which brings back good memories every time I see it. Larissa Goldner Talks Of Fashion, Modelling And Her Mum

The London Tree: You have catwalked in different Fashion Weeks around the world, which one is your favourite to which you always look forward to do again and again?

Larissa Goldner: Yes I have been around the world starting from Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro in Brazil to New York, Pairs, Milan, London and Tokyo. I love the ones in Brazil because that is where my family can get to see me on TV, newspapers and magazines. Paris is also one of my favourites. I’ve done a few in London now that I live here but I am not doing them anymore because I have become a commercial model and don’t do fashion.

The London Tree: How many fashion brands have you worked with?

Lairssa Goldner: With the passage of time while doing fashion I have worked with Barbara Bui, Veronique Leroy, Emanuel Ungaro and Balenciaga. Larissa Goldner Talks Of Fashion, Modelling And Her Mum

The London Tree: You have modelled in a vast range of clothing which include party dresses, casual, corporate, bikini and lengirie. Which one do you love the most to model in?

Larissa Goldner: I like them all but the one that tops the list is Bikini. Why Bikini? That’s because I get to visit some very amazing places.

The London Tree: You have also done a commercial for the fashion brand ‘Natura’. How was the experience working in front of a film camera and acting while modelling?

Larissa Goldner: The ‘Natura’ commercial was a very interesting experience for me. It was the first time I worked in front of a film camera. The team that I was working with made me feel very comfortable. They made me feel relaxed and helped me in acting too. In the end I was able to achieve what the team was aiming for.

The London Tree: What is the best part of being an international model?

Larissa Goldner: The best part is to travel around the world, meet new people, experience new cultures and learn what life teaches you.

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The London Tree: Who do you look up to as a role model in the world of fashion?

Larissa Goldner: Like every other Brazilian model, I look up to super model Gisele Bundschen.

The London Tree: What is fashion for you personally?

Larissa Goldner: Fashion enables me to tell people about my strong personality, and even though I am shy, it helps me to convey my feelings to others.

The London Tree: What are you doing when you are not posing in front of the camera for a fashion photo shoot or a catwalk?

Larissa Goldner: I love going to the gym and catching up with my friends.I also like visiting the parks. Staying at home and watching TV, reading a book or listening to music are also my favourite pass times.

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The London Tree: What is your goal in life?

Larissa Goldner: I want to be successful in life and most importantly, be happy.

The London Tree: Which modelling agencies are you with?

Larissa Goldner: I am with the following modelling agencies:

Nass Model – Brazilian mother agency
Ragazzo Models– Brazil
Nevs models– london
Blow models– Spain
MP management– Milan
MGM management– Hamburg
Born models – Denmark

and you can also follow me on my Instagram account: @LariGoldner.

The London Tree: Thank you so much for your time. It was very nice to have a chat with you. I hope for all the best for you in your life.

Larissa Goldner: You are welcome, and thank you for the kind words.

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Instagram Images Courtesy of Larissa Goldner’s Instagram Account
YouTube Video ‘NATURA COMMERCIAL featuring Larissa Goldner’ Courtesy of Nevs Model Agency


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Larissa Goldner Talks Of Fashion, Modelling And Her Mum. Larissa Goldner Talks Of Fashion, Modelling And Her Mum.

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