Digital Marketing Academy Courses In London

Digital Marketing Academy Courses In London Teach The Art Of Marketing, SEO, Google Adwords And Ecommerce.

The London Marketing Academy teaches its students to become certified digital marketing professionals. The courses are all taught in London with the Headquarters being on Hillgrove road and on Tudor Road. The duration of the courses are 64 hours long and enrolling on to them is very easy. Following are the three main courses available: Digital Marketing Academy Courses In London

1- The Digital Marketing Academy

This academy has 68 hours long in-class digital marketing courses which run in London. There are 9 courses which cover digital marketing, SEOGoogle AdWords, Google Analytics, Social Media & Fb Ads Course, Google Tag Manager, E-commerce, Email Marketing and Google Optimize. Each course is taught by professional instructors who make the students practice by putting them into tests and work on projects which could be a current one or help plan future one. The academy takes in a limited number of students, so enrol well in time. At the end of the course, students are awarded with a certificate.

2- Google AdWords Course for Beginners

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This is a new beginners course on UDEMY, focusing on how the adwords search campaigns work. It teaches how to place a brand name and use it for profit and gain good conversions online. No prior experience is required to do this course as it is for everyone who has good computer skills. You will have access to 30 minutes on demand videos, 3 articles, full life time access anywhere including mobile and tv, and in the end, will be awarded a certificate.

3- Google Tag Manager Course for Beginner

Do the course for £11.99 by using the Coupon Code: SPECIALOFFER.

This is a also a new beginners course on UDEMY, which focuses on how Google Tag Manager works without having any coding knowledge. The course teaches the importance of tracking data used to integrate a website with new advertising and analytical platforms. From this course, you will yourself know how to do tracking without having to call a developer for help. This course will give you access to 34 minutes on demand videos, 6 articles, lifetime access  anywhere including mobile and TV and upon completion, a certificate will be awarded.

These courses are very important to learn as changes in the modern world will leave behind anyone who will not stay on top of updated knowledge. The London Marketing Academy strives to stay on the top and provides the best courses to anyone who is willing to learn digital marketing. Enrol on to these courses and learn the latest in online digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing Academy Courses In London

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