Ehd-e-Wafa: The Let Down

I was asked to review Ehd-e-Wafa, and I instantly recalled how excited I was when the first teaser aired. 

Forget who was directing and writing and what the cast was, the mere fact that ISPR had attached itself to this project had me transported back to Sunehray Din and Alpha Bravo Charlie, causing giant butterflies fluttering about in my stomach. Not to mention THE FARAZ made an appearance in teaser 2 and I was sold! 

And then, it aired, burning down all my expectations like Mount Vesuvius did to Pompeii. 

Where do I even begin?

It’s boring, it’s sexist, it has 30-something men playing 19-something brats and miserably failing at it. They don’t look the part and that’s bad. And no, the excuse that they’ll be playing their age as grown-up men later in the series is zero consolation. To whoever did the casting – maybe you needed better makeup OR better sense to cast different actors to play younger characters. I mean, have you never watched Durr-e-Shehwar?

Then, there’s this unfunny sexist humor sprinkled all over the darn script. I have a question for the writer – which century are you from? The lines you’re throwing at us were cancelled way back in the 1960’s. You are out of line and in dire need to update yourself. This is a drama being aired on national television watched by men and women and youngsters alike. It’s not supposed to be a tasteless roast session at your man-cave with your boys. 

Speaking of lost centuries, which one is Lawrence College from? Y’all still spank your students in front of the entire college? That’s child abuse, punishable by law everywhere except for those living in prehistoric times. I don’t know whatever happened to whoever’s childhood that came up with that sequence but I gotta tell ya, if you think beating up kids with a stick is f-u-n-n-y, it’s not. And if you’re the kind of person who laughs at being beaten up…dude, you need therapy.

Ehd-e-Wafa seems to be an unoriginal production based on all the million tropes ever invented. Rani playing cricket with children in the streets? Excuse me but the first time I saw this was in a cheesy Bollywood movie and I was 8 at the time. We’ve been seeing this ‘Allharr Doshiza’ since our bachpan and it’s time the goddamn damsel grew up. It’s not cool to cheat on an exam. It’s not cool to fail an exam because you’re too dumb to even try. It’s not cute to be bratty beyond the age of 5. Please, stop.

A final word for ISPR – what’s happened to you? Your projects used to be trendsetting gems, not a load of tripe. With classic charmers like Sunehray Din and Alpha Bravo Charlie in your belt, Ehd-e-Wafa is a total let down so far. Sad!

Ehd-e-Wafa features Osman Khalid Butt, Ahad Raza Mir and Alizey Shah in key roles. Written by Mustafa Afridi, and directed by Muhammad Saife Hasan, the plot revolves around a group of high-spirited friends who help, support, and enjoy one another’s company as they overcome the hardships in their life. 

Star Cast:

Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmed Ali, Vaneezah Ahmed, Osman Khalid Butt, Zara Noor Abbas, Alizay Shah, Wahaj Ali, Faraz Yahya, Inam Siddiqui, Khalifa Sajeer Uddin, Syed Muhammad Ahmed, Mian Wassam Waheed, Ejaz Ahmed Niazi, Agha Muhammad Ali, Azeem Sajjad, Adnan Samad Khan, Naeema Naeem Butt, Anjum Habibi & Others. 

About The Author

Humeira Ajaz Kazmi is a freelance blogger, novelist, and a dark chocolates and Pakistani drama enthusiast. Apart from a novel in commercial women’s fiction, she has also authored children’s books, and co-author an epic fantasy trilogy. She has blogged for many national and international publications including The Huffington Post and Muslim Girl. She lives with her husband and children in Tennessee, USA. She tweets @humeirakazmi . Visit her website HERE for more information.


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